For Your Consideration: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress

November 17, 2007 — 6 Comments

Oh, yeah. Amy first saw La Môme, aka La Vie en Rose, back in her trip to Sweden with dear Julyssa. Movie was in French, with Swedish subtitles… Amy speaks neither. LOL’ – so you can imagine. Anyway, that was a sweet little anecdote with the film, but I just got my DVD today, and re-watched it with proper subtitling that I could understood. ^^ xD

Ever since I saw Cotillard in this role, I’ve felt that she’s got Academy Award written all over her face… I mean, come on! She became Piaf!! She, at least! deserves a nomination for Best Actress. Coming award season, she will need a strong campaign so people don’t push her performance to the back of their heads coming the time of nominations… so Amy decides to campaign for her.

The film came out in the first half of the year, and just recently became available on DVD… usually, studios will release heavy awarded films during November and December to stay fresh in the mind of the ones nominating… this is not the case. Most importantly, the film is in French… it’s a powerful performance yes, but apparently languages are a pretty quite no-no for Academy Awards, lol.

I also found this blog with how the race to the Oscar is going… good read. This person mentions Cotillard, and also another fave of mine, Julie Christie for Away from Her.

But to stay on topic, Amy is campaigning for Marion Cotillard. I first saw her,briefly, on the Tim Burton film Big Fish back in early 2000s – Then, I got the amazing chance to see Jeux d’Enfants (aka. Love Me If You Dare) at the cinemas in Vancouver… which is now one of my favorite films, and then she was on The Good Year, starring Russel Crowe. Marion Cotillard does great in this film, she becomes Piaf and gives her audience a powerful wonderful performance.

For Your Consideration: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress

For Your Consideration: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress

You can find, use, and help campaigning by posting and using this banners I made. For Your Consideration: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress.

6 responses to For Your Consideration: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress

  1. Yeah I want to see her get all the awards out there, as Jennifer Hudson did last award season (if she was worth it is still being discussed inside my head)

  2. Syrran!

    I want her to get all the awards too, and unlike you – I think Hudson wasn’t worth the winnings. Maybe the nominations, but Rinko Kikuchi could’ve kicked her acting/singing butt if people were sane.

    But people are whack, so people snubbed Kikuchi from her Japanese Deaf/Mute role, even if she wasn’t deaf or mute… and gave it to Hudson in her singer role, even if she is in fact, pretty much that character~~

    But then again, everyone snubbed Bjork for her role as Selma in Dancer in the Dark. Everyone except Cannes, she got a nomination in the Golden Globes, and didn’t even get one for the Academy Awards. Now I hate Julia Roberts, haha.

    Could you imagine Bjork being nominated and winning the Oscar for Best Actress, and giving her speech with the Swan Dress????? The Swan Dress is Oscar history by itself, now wearing it and winning – that would’ve been a classic moment for all time.

  3. That swan dress!!!!!!!!! Ha omg it was just so Björk, but it’s not much the dress but the egg purse, it was the icing on the cake. O but come on, Julia did deserve that oscar, she was awsome in erin Bronkovich.
    Well at first I thought it was cool that Jennifer Hudson was nominated in almost all awards and also winning them. But when u see the movie and u see her performence and u go “but where is the magic” u know that heartbraking performence that takes you breathe away….
    Cotillard did not only give Edith color she made me understand the suffering of the icon I love. But the best was the way she talked, she really put her heart on talking that dirty french that Piaf was so known for.
    Let’s just hope that some old jezzer at the oscar comitte remembers her performence

  4. WOW, I called those three! WOOT WOOT

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