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Dr. Koto's Clinic

I began watching Dr. Koto’s Clinic – well, kind of for obvious reasons – Anyhoo~ I decided to begin watching from the very beginning. To tell you the truth, I was about to give up watching the whole show (first season) once or twice… but the little kids and the whole blood donating episode kept me going. Takehiro-kun was sooooo cute. LOL’ (and he was also on Yoshitsune xD)

I was teary, once or twice… I’m a sap, people should know by now. I love crying, but it’s got to be a good cry~~~ my favorite episode was the one with Aki-ojii – even though the episode titles were… well, a little blunt. It was a great episode dealing with death in a pretty realistic way. I was tired of so many successful operations to be frank.

Acting was pretty good, though there were times I couldn’t stand some characters (including Dr. Koto/Goto (Hidetaka Yoshioka) himself, lol), but that’s hardly an acting problem, and more of a character thing – I loved Ayaka (Kou Shibasaki), though. Especially when she begins realizing she’s falling for the doctor. She’s pretty hilarious, and at the same time she can break your heart. Like when Rika (Ayumi Ito) comes back, and Ayaka tells Dr. Koto how the both of them used to make boys cry. LOL’

All characters had their moment though, so I’m looking forward to the Specials… as well as Season 2.

Anyway, why Harmony, you would wonder? It’s because I can’t seem to get away from my first official ship. No matter what the series is, what the movie is… it always gets a Harmony comparison.
I love it and hate it.

Ayaka is a balancing force to Dr. Koto, while Saki knows who Goto is as a doctor, he has to prove himself with Ayaka to show her the real him, and she gets to see this of him. She’s not fuzzing over the Dr. who’s come to the island, but she’s flustered for the caring and kind man he is. Ayaka is always by Goto’s side, even when everyone believed the news article, Ayaka stood by him (alongside Wada-san) – can’t get more Trio than that. LOL

She takes a hit when Saki comes to visit, and all the guys fuzz about this doctor with short hair that looks like a model or an air-hostess… and even a bigger blow when people start saying Dr. Koto might marry Saki because they have a kid together. LOL’ Oh the rumors! xD Poor Ayaka, people think she stands no chance against Saki, she is after all just a plain island nurse, but she hangs in there. And that one scene almost by the end, when Ayaka realizes Goto is in the boat, and then he sees her – UGH, it’s exactly like that walking down the stairs and all I see is you thing. *sighs* but Koto’s totally daft, and she’s just content he’s back.


I did my fair bit of numerology back in my days… let me look for it. Here you go… LOL~~~ Pumpkin Pie Arithmancy & Numerology. But then JK released someone’s ‘real’ bdate and totally screw me over. Hahaha.

Anyway~ why is 3 a magical number now? Well, because I’ve noticed from here and my FB account that in a good month (of either subject)… I do 3 posts of that subject. 3 posts a month of Meme’ing… or 3 posts a month of Yu Aoi film discussion. LOL

According to Indian Numerology, 3 is dynamic, cheerful, skilled, creative, artistic, happy go lucky~~~ LOL

Commonly, though… 3s are communication, interaction… neutrality.

In Chinese numerology… or ideology, 3 is live. xD

Awww… I think I might miss this numerology stuff, even though I hate math. *sighs*

Anyway~~~ in case you have read this either, follow this crazy Number 31.

Remembering Harmony

March 28, 2009 — 3 Comments

I was looking for some photographs on my backups, and ran into this piece – which I had uploaded to DeviantArt before it was taken down by them. SUCKY. – Anyway, this wallpaper/fanart… though some weird color (which I named ‘acid’ and was feature on my blog back in the day…) is one of my favorite Harmony fanart.

So I thought I’d share this… loved Harmony back in PoA. Best Harmony. By the way, have you guys seen the HP6 trailer? I promised I won’t go to the theater or dish my money to JK, but that trailer I saw gave me a fuzzy feeling *sighs* reminded me of Harmony coincidentally~~~


Harry Potter - H+Hr - Harmony - Their Looks

Atsu-Hime/Naogoro 101

December 15, 2008 — 8 Comments

Long post, spoiling the love part and some politics, so if you don’t wish spoiling, don’t read after the break. Well, you’ve been warned~~

Anyway, I made it! I woke up at 6am just to watch Ep50 of Atsu-Hime in Jap sans subs, hence me not really knowing what was going. But I did okay, I think… Yes, Amy cried. Less than expected though! xD

I saw it twice, actually… on the repeat at 1pm, and took some photos of my crappy tv reception.

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EitaLOL, I don’t even know if that’s grammatically correct, but it will do~~

So… I got ready to watch Atsu-Hime. Why? Because! Because in about… 5hrs? Yes, I should wake up at 6am, NHK will be showing the last episode of Atsu-Hime (ep50) and I just got up to date with episode 37, and read the summary for the rest (up to ep49, which I saw last week without understanding anything).

Anyway, I also saw some interview on Friday afternoon that NHK did to Aoi Miyazaki… which I didn’t understand either~~ LOL’ at least not the majority of what they were talking about.

Atsu-Hime is cool, you know? She doesn’t piss me off like a certain previous Taiga Drama I saw before starring some singer who happens to sing the closing theme of Osen. *cough cough* Anyway~~ I know I may be girly for saying this, but I really liked the drama for the Aoi Miyazaki (Okatsu, Atsu-Hime, Midai-sama? and Tenshoin-sama) and Eita (Naogoro, Tatewaki… and does he change his name more??) Yeah, all those names…. but I always really looked forward to their scenes together, which almost always make me cry~~~ hence the title. I’ve been sad for Atsu-Hime alone… you know, like when that thing with Kikumoto happened, and the thing with Ikushima. I’m just blaming Eita because I seem to always cry with anything he’s on. LOL – Let’s see… I’ve cried in Last Friends (with that Eita and Juri scene in the park), and I’ve cried with Memories of Matsuko… though, I don’t think that was because of Eita, but the whole “all characters singing the song, and the going up the stairs” gets me everytime with the “Okaeri”

Hmm… well, I didn’t cry in Nodame, maybe cried with the laughing hard xD The fact is, he’s made me cry quite a bit on Atsu-Hime alone… you know that friends-turned-lovers thing, and then with the in-love-but-afar-and-never-to-see-you-again thing? UGH, all of that with the combination of Aoi Miyazaki and Eita’s acting. I’m telling you, it will get you. And it’s not the love thing either, because they both were on that film Sukida, which I thought was boring as boring can be~~~ It’s the whole political thing, and all the other people and fate that are keeping them apart that kills me. And if the preview from last week is any indication, I think I will be crying quite a bit this one last time. xD

Epic love. Something a certain someone who didn’t make Harmony happen couldn’t achieve. LOL’

Sholly Shippers Rejoice

March 12, 2008 — 7 Comments

First off…

What’s a shipper?
According to Wikipedia, a shipper is a person intellectually or emotionally involved with the development of a romance in a work of fiction.

Ok, since I got that out of the way… the first time I heard the term was probably when I got really into Harry Potter, just after reading book5 in the summer of 2003. I’m a Harmonian, and proud of it! I can’t talk about shipping without mentioning Harry and Hermione, bless their fictional souls. It was nuts that summer, reading and creating my own fanfiction… looking at fanart, and embracing other Harmony shippers – thanks to Harry and Hermione, I was introduced to the world of shipping and friends. lol’

Now, that I’ve sort of moved on from Harry Potter (I still support Harry and Hermione, though) – I’ve moved on to other ventures, lol’ WHICH brings me to Sholly.

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