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Another Late Music Post

November 15, 2008 — 2 Comments

Late LATE! +1 month. Bad Amy! xD Trully forgive for all the lateness this month, but I’ve gone through a few dozen of albums… from new listenings to re-listening xD From oldies, to not-so-oldies to new music after the break!

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Today ends the round of Marit Larsen postings, as Oct. 13th (eh… unlucky number!) marks the release of Marit’s sophomore album. Did you buy her debut? Under the Surface is one of my favorite albums, mustered by the pretty penny I paid to get it. LOL’

Anyway… if you were a bad blogger, or a bad internet user the past week and missed Marit’s music posting, I’m gonna have all the tracks to listen to until next week… so THIS POST will be modified on Sunday 19th. In the meantime, try to enjoy Marit’s music… though it’s a pretty crappy rip, but it’s good enough to savour it… and doesn’t spend much of my bandwith.

So here it is! Here it goes~~~ xD The Chase!!


1. The Chase (3.33)
2. If A Song Could Get Me you (3.30)
3. This Is Me, This Is You (4.07)
4. Ten Steps (3.31)
5. Steal My Heart (3.48)
6. Is It Love (4.51)
7. Fuel (2.07)
8. Addicted (3.43)
9. I’ve Heard Your Love Songs (3.38)
10. Fences (4.44)

Late Music for the Month!

October 8, 2008 — 5 Comments

Oops! Took longer to post about the music of the month this time because I wanted to go through most of the music I had on my “to listen” list. Finally did, JUST this second!

So without further ado, the list

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Availability in all regions, cross-platform… ubiquitous movies, music… even books, if possible~ x’D Well, maybe I’m going too far with the books, since there’s a base of language and there’d be THAT barrier, but you get my point, right?

For instance, I can’t really remember when was the last time I went to watch a film at the movies, because I either:

  • Have already seen it on DVD
  • Have already waited months for it to be released, and have already lost interest
  • Have never been interested in it

So Amy supports world premieres because she’s impatient. Also, I would fully suport Paypal if they were available in Peru, but no~ They do not support accounts in Peru (That’s why I opened one when I was in Canada). Moreover, I would support other online stores (eg. mp3 stores) but they have region restrictions… some more annoying than others. One of the most annoying is the ‘billing address’ issue… even if I have a Canadian credit card, I would not be able to use their service because I don’t have a physical Canadian address anymore… WHILE I am still able to buy a physical album and ship it here for more or less the same amount of money.

I was also ready to buy shows through BitTorrent, but they support US Only – they ARE nice and professional enough to point it out below the “buy” button, so they won’t waste your time as you try to sign up for a new account there… to then find out you don’t have the right ISP, or you can’t add your credit card, or SORRY, THIS CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN SUCH REGION. Ever happened?

So I’m all for movies and music available everywhere at the same time. And you?

Rejoice! After a few years absent from the music scene (at least mine…), Korean musician Seo Taiji (서태지) is back with a new single… and and new album, of course! Oh yeah, and a new video… ;)

I remember that my friend Jenny, back in DD school… she sent me Seo Taiji mp3s (See! Thank Kamisama for mp3 transfers), and I was instantly hooked. I was surprised to know that my other Korean friend was also a fan, because these two friends couldn’t be more different xD Anyway, Just about a year ago, I ended up buying his 7th album Issues, which is now out-of-stock in YesAsia.

I don’t know when the full new album will be out, but I’ll keep my ear open. xD Gosh, so many releases now~~ Luckily, Amy does not buy Singles~~~ I’ve only bought EPs, but not Singles, not yet. xD