Deezer, as Good as It Was?

April 4, 2008 — 5 Comments

Hey, guys! *woot woot* Post 200

I’ve been thinking of getting rid of the Deezer player because I haven’t been able to find or upload the music to share… and I haven’t logged into my account in FOREVER. LOL’ So I might be changing my music player in the coming days… maybe going back to my old player, or beginning using the audio library on this new WordPress (Yes! Amy updated her WordPress).

Anyway, I have been Asian-ized once again…. like my 2003 period. I’ve been updating my Korean, Japanese and Chinese music… haven’t really found any new artist, but I have expanded my library of the artist I used to listen to so often… – I have also expanded my discography is some artists on my iPod.

Here is the list of albums I’ve been listening to:

  • Clazziquai
    • Color Your Soul (Korean Pop, or KPop mostly)
    • Instant Pig (Whoever’s listened to Sweety??)
    • Love Child of the Century
  • David Tao
    • Black Tangerine
    • The Great Leap 2005
    • Beautiful
  • Jay Chou – On The Run (我很忙) … This is not as fun as his previous albums, but some interesting proposals
  • Kent – Tillbaka Till Samtiden
  • Kobukuro
    • 蕾 (Tsubomi) – Flower Bud
    • 5296 (always a big Kobukuro fan)
  • Tété – Le Sacre Des Lemmings (Brilliant… though pity the concert didn’t happen)
  • Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Does she really have a new album coming out this year??)
  • Alanis Morissette
    • Jagged Little Pill
    • Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
    • MTV Unplugged
    • Under Rug Swept (and eagerly awaiting for the new release~)
  • Cranberries
    • Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?
    • No Need to Argue
    • To the Faithful Departed
    • Bury the Hatchet

5 responses to Deezer, as Good as It Was?

  1. U need to liste to some DBSK!! Korean boyband! Yay! Got my first asian album and its those guys. I feel kind of dirty cus I had promised myself my first asian buy would be Morning Musume but seeing as my friedn had an extra cd I couldnt say no!
    I think is awesome u still listening to Kent, that album rox! Not loving on Salem??

  2. I haven’t heard any new material by Salem… but I did heard of Kent. I was not too big on Tillbaka Till Samtiden, there were a couple of tracks… but wasn’t as thrilling as Vapen. xD

  3. Too me Vapen is their best album to date. Tillbaka was oki but Vapen, I guess it’s the mix of the sentimental value and the tracks that makes tha album so special too me!

  4. Ok, so adding to the list of music…

    Alicia Keys
    – As I Am
    – MTV Unplugged

    Bon Jovi – MTV Unplugged
    Cafe Tacuba – MTV Unplugged
    Nirvana – MTV Unplugged

    Duffy – Rockferry

    Not really loving much on Duffy, though. And the newspaper got it wrong, it’s not ‘Amy’ it’s ‘Aimee’ – and she’s known as Duffy, estupidos de El Comercio. No atinan ni una, no? Se le llama fact-checking por algo, no creen???

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