My First Japanese Post

May 6, 2009 — 2 Comments

Yu Aoi - Knitted BeanieLOL






Well~~~ that was tough.
Wanna know what it says?? I sure hope I did this right~~

Of course I thought what I wanted to say first,
so I hope the Japanese I tried to use did the job I intended…

So… romaji and translation?? hahahaha

Nihongo de saisho no POSUTO!
First post in Japanese!

“TORABERU SANDO” wa subarashii desu.
Travel Sand is great.
Kore wa watashi no okiniiri no Yu-chan no hon.
This is my favorite Yu-chan book.
No shashin wa kirei ga omou.
I think its pictures are beautiful.
YOKO-san wa kakkoi desu. Aoi Yu mo.
Yoko-san is cool. Yu Aoi as well.

Kono BI~NI~ ga daisuki dakara.
I love this beanie.
Minna… kono BURANDO wa nandesuka?
Everyone… what is this brand?
I don’t know…
Kimi wa shitteimasuka?
Do you know?

Gomenne! Kore wa subete watashi wa kaku koto ga dekimasu.
Sorry! This is all I can write.

Nihongo wa mutsukashii desune!
Japanese is difficult!

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