Seems I do~ have a Solar-type!

May 3, 2016 — Leave a comment

So there’s been some rumors around, I’m not going to discuss… but they did turn out this super duper cute kiddie picture of Solar, and after I went all lady-like saying “omygoshshessocuuuuuuute,


I went in and said, “omygoshaoiyu” xD


And I just looked at this screencap once again, and I don’t know why her brother just triggered a false memory making me feel like I somehow know someone who looks just like him. ANYWAY~

I’d been thinking of updating my post on Current Flavors, and I just find it really interesting that I just made the connection between my bias for the last 8 years Yu Aoi with Solar, while also finding out that some people think that Solar somehow resembles Min Hyorin (which I don’t see), considering she also seems like my type [1][2]. I’ve always seen Solar as an IU type, and I’ve seen just a couple making that connection. Thinking about my average type, it seems my average age may have gone down. xD

Solar and Eric Nam are slaying me on We Got Married, though. Like- 30min a week is not enough.

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