Yu Aoi + Bae Doona

… on a NYLON Korea photoshoot.


Yu + Bae Doona + a Linda Linda Linda mention = awesome~~~ xD If you haven’t seen Linda Linda Linda, you must. Gets better in time~~ And just the idea that Yu was supposed to be involved, but had to back out. Oh the Linda Linda singing along possibilities of singing Yu. xD

BTW, my dad also LUVed Linda Linda, and Bae Doona’s character was his fave++ Another reason why my dad’s cool~


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  1. Hey Amy, glad you told me about this site. This is a pretty old post, but I’m going to reply to it anyway.

    Do you know the reason why Yu had to back out of Linda Linda Linda? It would have been so much better if she were in it!….it was still a good movie though.

  2. I’m pretty sure that I read it was due to conflicting schedules. I’m not sure who she was supposed to be though…

    since I don’t speak/understand/read etc etc much – I always advice taking anything with a grain of salt. xD

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