MissTer 101

March 8, 2011 — 8 Comments

There’s a pretty personality-insightful making-of article in regards of Taiwan’s first and brand-new Boi-band, who in their second single Super Lover are urging a pretty lady to not give up on love.

I think I’ve finally figured out who is who. Ha!

First, there’s leader Jin Tai (the one with the glasses). Then there’s Qiu Qiu the former dance instructor (top third on the left), Milk is the one with the blueish tones on her hair, Chris (? Zi Lun?) (the one with the humping face), and finally Chiao (Qiao) the one with the blond hair.

And I’ve already picked my favorite. LOL

Eff that face, man. That’s amazing bone structure.

I have no idea what to tag this post. Other than gay stuff xD Maybe new music? New talent? I don’t think there will be another MissTer post in here.

8 responses to MissTer 101

  1. Misster!!!!!!
    *plans the YAM loves Misster post*

    • @Julili, you know what-

      I showed the photo (and the MV) to my mom, and she said (about Chris solo photo): She’s such a beautiful boy. LOL

  2. they are girls, their names in order of appearance (left to right) chiao, milk (niu nai), Carol, jin (target) and Chris (your favorite)

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