China, today I’m proud of you~

March 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

Today, while watching Chinese news — yes, I know… hardly unbiased opinion — I saw that China had deployed military airplanes, cargo ferries, and commercial flights in order to mobilize over 35k people out of Libya.

While violence and unrest is rampant, and expats from everywhere in the world are trying to get out, and people outside are “celebrating” freedom of speech, people are left without jobs, and families are left without income. Chinese expats have been uncommunicated with their families since the unrest began, waiting in the airports that have no running water.

Now, they’re back home.

When trying to look for the news to post, googling “China” to check the latest news from there, I only ended up seeing negative items. I ended up with and by looking for “China Libya” I found some tiny articles from the West barely mentioning this.

I thought it’s an important news item to highlight.

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