Jing Chang – Broken + The Opposite Me

Seriously, guys.

Asia is having a Women Tuxed-off. First with the likes of Chris Lee and BiBi…

Now~~~ Hello Jing Chang!

She won the first season of Super Idol in Taiwan, and is actually signed on Gold Typhoon, which is also BiBi’s label now — someone’s got a fetish for girls in tuxes… LOL

About to release her 2nd album, The Opposite Me, she’s actually releasing two versions of the album – The “Good” one comes with a Robin Hood theme (?) and the “Bad” one with King Arthur. Will they have different tracks?


The Opposite Me

via Aiya They Didn’t.

While I was reading that post, I got really confused because I was looking at the photos and kept reading “she” and “her” and then… finally! It hit me! Woah, really? That was a moment of realization. Her first album, Unprecedented, contains Ni Fei Ba (Fly Away/Just Fly)… and also came in a limited edition with a card written by her. Woah.

Jing Chang with the blond hair in those promos look like G-Dragon, if he were manly. LOL

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  1. she looks like a pretty dude
    she has no boobs!

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