Where You’ve Been, Erika Eleniak?

March 8, 2011 — 5 Comments

I have another confession to make.

As you may have already figured out, I grew up in a time when there was barely any stability. When things settled down, we had about 4 or 5 networks, usually broadcasting local productions.

But there was also syndication.

American television loves syndication, they ensure making a living with it. What’s a better example of syndication than… Baywatch. Yup, that’s my confession. I grew up with Baywatch. Especially the first season and the second… maybe the third. They re-ran those seasons a lot those years, so I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them more than once.

So when I was like 5 or 6, we would all watch the show — most likely for different reasons LOL — since we kids liked going to the beach, we would always joke that our local lifeguards looked like they had floatability devices inside them. We would laugh, and move on.

Then there was Shauni. Before there was Stephanie Holden… Shauni was the only girl in the cast — pretty sure, I could be wrong. I was Team Shauni! As a kid, I don’t know why I thought she was awesome. She seemed nice, no problems — I’m seeing a pattern here — and she had Eddie xD

I just realized I’m a crazy shipper… almost since I was born. LOL

Anyway, time passed. Country got better, we got cable. Sony had just launched their signal, and were re-running Baywatch. Browsing channels, there was this episode – or was it a movie? – of Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood. Ha! I didn’t know what a bordello was at the time. I didn’t speak any English, all I remember saying was “Hey! That’s Shauni!” And I watched it. The memory of it — me watching that — is hilarious.

So yeah, I like Erika Eleniak.

Very much like on the other tales, I was browsing channels and ended up on Sony. What a surprise it was to see Erika Eleniak on the latest season of Desperate Housewives. Color me surprise. Even if I have stopped watching the show, I… for a split second or more, considered watching the show again. Then I didn’t when I found out it was a one-ep gig.

I would have considered catching up with this whole season, Erika.

Why ABC, why must you do this to me? xD

Anyway… anyone know what she’s been up to professionally? No reality tv related.

Oh man, remember her from ET? I realized it was her when I re-watched the movie a few years back, and said “Hey! It’s Shauni” LOL that’s exactly when I began feeling old. That kind of thing, and/or seeing Terminator on TCM. Watching movies I grew up with on TCM makes me feel old.

I used to mock my mom for it. Now it’s happened to me! WTH!

5 responses to Where You’ve Been, Erika Eleniak?

  1. I also watched Baywatch, it was so popular here in Sweden!

    • @Julili, syndication – I’m telling you. Now that Glee is syndicated, there will be a whole generation saying the same thing about Glee, that it was their shame. LOL

      No way Erika Eleniak had to be on Celebrity Fitness Club. She was, but oh well~ good for her.

      • There was a re-run of The Beverly Hillbillies – the movie – Eleniak was hot. Such a bad movie, though there’s one really funny moment when the grandma is on the back of the car and they go “watch your head, granny” and then hit the tree. HA!

  2. Baywatch was much more popular internationally than it was here in the U.S. It only lasted one season on NBC before being revived as a program sold to individual TV stations. Very lightly regarded.

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