Liu Zhu Cross-dressing on Super Boy

In the latest edition of Super Boy — the show like American Idol in China but only for guys — had contestant Liu Zhu, who’s now shot to popularity in Baidu searches after appearing on the show dressed like a girl.

His feminine look and delicate voice made guest-judge Annie Meigui turn on the interrogation hat with questions regarding gender-testing, and even asking for Liu Zhu’s address (so that people could harass?). In the end, judge Ding Wei intervened by saying they were not there to judge his gender identity, but his talent.

*sighs* there was a reason Ding Wei is so cool, besides the singing and songwriting. xD

via Aiya They Didn’t

I’m not sure whether Liu Zhu is intersex, or transgender  or a cross-dresser, but one thing is certain, Liu Zhu makes me feel like a total dude. I admired how calm and poise he looked while being harassed by that guest-judge.

Plus, can I say I’ve never seen someone like Liu Zhu on American Idol?
Or like Li Yuchun or BiBi…Talk about visibility.

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