Guilty Pleasure Songs

July 7, 2010 — 1 Comment

Extra! Extra! According to this Yahoo Music News~

Lady Gaga sings You Belong With Me at the top of her lungs. Which I think it’s super funny… and admittedly, kinda cute… in a “Wow, I didn’t expect this” kind of way.

So the women at AfterEllen decided to tell the whole wide world what were their guilty pleasure songs… or sometimes, not really such guilty, but the songs they always sang at the top of their lungs. First, let me say WHAT?

I understand Hanson’s Mmmbop 1997 being your guilty pleasure, considering I can’t really listen to Middle of Nowhere the same way after so many years. It’s the high-pitched voices, but the songs were actually kind of good. I mean, have you seen the Hanson guys lately? They’re actually pretty good.

Plus, the re-arrangement they did for Mmmbop on the Middle of Nowhere Acoustic release in 2007 was actually pretty impressive — the whole album was a very much needed improvement.


Okay, moving on~~~

From the comments?

I have Rupert Holmes’ Escape (aka. The Pina Colada Song) on my iPod, because I love the movie The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. LOL

And because of these comments, I dusted off my LFO albums, and gave them a spin, and imported them as mp3s for new additions xD In fact, LFO was pretty movie geeky, with mentions of Marilyn, James Dean, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Michael J. Fox, and Macauly Culkin’s Home Alone? xD And tehy actually had pretty catchy songs like the one on their Life Is Good album called That’s the Way It Is.

In fact,  I was crazy boy band girl, so I could pretty much sing any pop song from many of the 90s boy bands. I could actually sing along to NKotB’s Step by Step (my dad had the Karaoke Laser Disc for his bar LOL), BackStreet Boys. Nsync, 5ive, 98 Degrees, Westlife, Take That… and I even ventured a little with O-Town, and LMNT. LOL Because I was pretty young, I had a lot of time to listen to music and learn the lyrics to the song. Now I just can’t remember the words to the songs I like…

And okay, after the Spice Girls released their “greatest hits” album, I sing along to Stop, and Viva Forever. LOL And Spice Up Your Life with Wannabe are just really funny. I totally sang Stop on Karaoke last time… my friends had the mic though.

But if you really want to talk about Guilty Pleasure Songs… man, I have to open my Pandora’s Box, though I have mentioned this type of things around some of the posts. I was Salsa. And man… sometimes I feel the urge, turn my album tower around, and pick up my copies of Los Adolescentes Orquesta to sing along to Jugando a Ganar… and okay, sometimes Me Nego. But Jugando a Ganar is the one I could sing at the top of my lungs.

Come on! It was telenovela time! And it all started with Salserin and Entre Tu y Yo and its cheese. Because I also secretly take my Salserin albums, put on my headphones and pretend to sing. LOL

And if you had that, you also had Una Fan Enamorada… right? Because there was no internet, and no cable… and this is all you had while in school, RIGHT? And you also had Dejame un Beso que me Dure Hasta el Lunes by Salsa Kids, RIGHT?

Omg, the Pandora’s Box is unleashed!!!

How about Magneto’s Vuela Vuela, Sopa de Caracol — OMG, it even makes me shiver xD, Menudo’s Subete a mi Moto, Yuri with El Apagon… and every other Spanish song played at fiestas in the 90s? These aren’t songs I necessarily sing at the top of my lungs, but they bring so many memories xD No song in English could top these~

I dare you to find a song in English that could beat El Venao. LOL

OK! Enough with this!

I’m leaving you with the classic Llaman a la Puerta by Tierra Sur.
Oh, great! now I feel like listening to old school Peruvian songs LOL
prepare for a playlist, people!

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