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The WB's Popular

Popular’s 10th Anniversary than with this…

Glee Promo Season 1 - Sue Sylvester - Jane Lynch


That’s right! If you were a Popular fan, you obviously know that Jane Lynch was heart-broken-for-spring-break turned infectious-disease-official turned out to be serial-killer on the episode “I Know What You Did Last Spring Break”.

Enough said.
What to do today?
Watch an episode of Popular,
if you don’t have the DVDs (what are you waiting for?) –
watch it online… they should be on YouTube or something.

Or maybe begin watching Glee… ep 1×05 airs this week!

or visit IMDb’s threads~~~
The How Much Do You Know about Popular is one of my faves~

I supposed if Popular had been alive in this day an age, we would get a LOT more promos… posters, and even a proper soundtrack. As it is now, coming across a good Popular high resolution image is like finding a unicorn. For everything else… there’s Glee. Look at this Loser posters.

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