Popular, where (in the Twitterverse) are they now?

June 18, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’ve been talking a lot about Popular lately, it feels [1]…

So I was updating yammag lists — especially the actors one — and I usually double-check people’s follows (sometimes to my disappointment ToT – I’m looking at you, Naka Riisa >,<). Anyway, it turns out Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) follows Leslie Bibb, then I checked her follows and found that she was following Tamara Mello.

Things went on, and I decided to make a list of everyone who was on Popular that was on Twitter.

To this date, Carly Pope avoids social media. xD Good for her.

  • Leslie Bibb only follows Tamara Mello.
  • Tamara Mello follows Leslie Bibb back, and also follows Anel Lopez Gorham, Christopher Gorham, Leslie Grossman, Tammy Lynn Michaels, and Bryce Johnson.
  • Anel Lopez Gorham obviously follows Christopher Gorham (coz they’re freaking married [1], xD), Leslie Grossman, Tammy Lynn Michaels, Leslie Bibb, Bryce Johnson, and also follows back Tamara Mello.
  • Christopher Gorham follows… a LOT of people (708 atm, so I may miss some connections coz he’s Twitter is breaking mine) — he follows Tammy Lynn Michaels, Bryce Johnson, Sara Rue, and follow backs Anel Lopez Gorham (duh!) and Tamara Mello.
  • Leslie Grossman follows Sara Rue, and follows back  Tamara Mello, and Anel Lopez Gorham.
  • Tammy Lynn Michaels follows Leslie Grossman, and follows back Tamara Mello, Christopher Gorham, and Anel Lopez Gorham.
  • Bryce Johnson follows back Christopher Gorham and Leslie Bibb.
  • Sarah Rue follows back Leslie Grossman and Christopher Gorham.

*EDIT May04’13*

Carly Pope‘s on Twitter now. Too lazy to check who follows her back, but she follows Leslie Bibb, Tamara Mello, Chris Gorham, Leslie Grossman, Bryce Johnson, Anel Lopez Gorham, and Sara Rue.

And this convo between her and Bibb is pretty cute.

Oh, and I think most of them follow RuPaul, coz… you know, he was Mary Cherry’s Daddy!

Other people on Twitter are: Adria Dawn (April Tuna), Diane Delano (Ms. Glass & Co.), Hank Harris (Emory Dick), Anthony Montgomery (George), Chad Lowe (Mr. Grant), and…. Erik Estrada.

Ironically, or maybe not… Simon Helberg who played strapped-in-a-wheel-chair-school-political-kind-of-a-mastermind, Gus Latrine, is probably the most “popular” or “known” actor that was ever on Popular playing a loser and is winning at life still playing a dork (or as Sheldon would like to point out: the one who doesn’t have a PhD).

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