Films that Changed your Life Forever

September 7, 2008 — 1 Comment

To just sort of follow through with the idea of follow-up lists (eg. Shows You Shoul’ve Watched when They Were on the Air). I am sure many people (not sure if EVERYONE) could come up with a couple of lists mentioning the films they’ve watched that have changed their lives forever.

So just posting this, will dig in deep after today’s (Sunday) madness, ‘coz I’m sure I will be multiple-posting today. Care to share some of your movies though?

One response to Films that Changed your Life Forever

  1. Gambaremasssss

    Belive it or not “Pearl Harbor” yeah before u start laughing like a mad woman, it has all to do with the major love of my life…
    To make it short that movie send me into a nervous breakdown wich made me realize that I didn’t love him anymore so ya it was a movie that changed my life forever.

    I’ll mail you a list later!!

    Ya naa!

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