Ueno on Acting, LF, Love + Marriage

September 6, 2008 — 3 Comments

Juri Ueno - Nikkei Entertainment MagazineAwww, Juri-chan! I was reading a post over at the boards, and found that Yuuki provided a link to an English-translated  Juri Ueno interview for the latest issue of Nikkei Entertainment Magazine. Juri can be so charismatic~~ LOL’ but apparently it only works on girls. Let’s face it, girls~~~ Boys or most of boys have RUBBISH taste in women… case and point all those guy magazines, such as FHM. Here’s the chart~

Juri Ueno - Boy and Girl Charts

It’s a really insightful interview in which she discusses her latest film (GuGu), her acting in Nodame, Last Friends~ Here are some quotes;

“Rather than films, I grew up watching variety shows most of the time (laughs). Refining or adorning myself, I still don’t have much interest in that area. But in this era, the scope of what being ‘an actress’ is have widened greatly haven’t they? In the olden days, being an actress means you have to be beautiful and ladylike else it won’t be possible. Now, there are even roles like Nodame, and because of that, even someone like me is able to be one (laughs).


Being married probably won’t effect my focus towards work but at the moment the image of being alone is stronger. […]

Scans and complete article translation, here. ^^

3 responses to Ueno on Acting, LF, Love + Marriage


    OMG I love Juri so much and I feel like I need to dedicate a whole week to her to catch up on her work. I have Nodame downloaded in my comp at the moment but other asian stars take my time all the time!!!!

    I have like to take vacation from TVXQ, MM and NEWS and just dedicate myself to Juri cus she is so awesome…..

    You know how before I used to say how Shane in L word always made me gay for like five minutes? Well now Juri does that to me, I’m having like the hugest crush on her …….

  2. Hahaha, she does have that power, only Juri is not skanky hahaha… coz you know, Shane is so sure about her sexuality, that she ends up being too skanky.

    As proof, the chart…. girls love Juri. xD

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