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August 7, 2018 — Leave a comment

Mamamoo has officially become the group with most albums in my music collection— officially 8 albums; but honestly it’s 9 albums (with a double Purple edition), plus a SolGam tape, a SolGam LP, two kihno kits, a DVD and a BR of Moosical. LOL

Once upon a time, there were five albums by P!nk, but there were also six albums by the BackStreet Boys, six Hanson albums, six Westlife albums, four turned to five Marit Larsen albums, five Salyu-related albums, five albums eventually turned to seven by BiBi [it became viral on Weibo xD], seven albums by Shiina Ringo, seven albums by Bjork— altogether, I have 6 Brown Eyed Girls-related albums but that’s three albums, a fancy collectible repackage and two GaIn minis. Phew.



You guys have no freaking idea how fuzzy a moomoo I am at the moment.

Though Solar is my obvious bias, and I used to be a Moonsun shipper [I don’t think those two need help in shipping themselves, lol]. I’m an Angel Line softie and a true OTP4 stan. However, it seems destiny wants me to be a HwaByul stan through and through.

They were by original bias starting out, circa Dab Dab. In fact, Moonbyul was my bias when I started by moomoo life, but my bias keeps changing. I’ve been trying to stay loyal to Squirtle Michelle Kim Yongsun Leader SUN-Bae-nim. Bless her dolphin laugh and seal-clapping ‘I’m-not-a-crazy-pervert-only-a-regular-one’ being. LEGGO!

I’m not the type of fan that does multiple buys, so my only hope this Four Seasons era is that I get Solar’s and Wheein’s photocards on their respective seasons.

Also, I can’t believe I’m actually travelling to meet Mamamoo. The things I do for radishes now in my adulthood.

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