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December 19, 2008 — 4 Comments

Yay! I got my Funhouse CD yesterday, and I thought “wow, I’ve got 5 P!nk albums.” I like to call myself (shut up, amy) Pink’s first Peruvian fan… which is not fact. Maybe… just MAYBE, there was someone who knew her and bought her album faster than me.

Pink's 5 CDS

I first saw Pink on some award show (I’m pretty sure it was a Teen Choice Award), and saw a clip of There You Go, and thought… “wow, that’s some Pink hair. Cool.” Afterwards, I travelled to LA and SF for my 15th birthday – I was in LA the day of the GRAMMY, and remember that two Spanish women on the tour won a contest to attend while I watched at the Hotel. Faith Hill performed Breathe. Awesome. – Anyway, finally I made it to SF to visit my family there, and ended up buying a bunch of albums~~~ P!nk – Can’t Take me Home.

Truthfully, I haven’t listened to that album in a long while… though from time to time I get the urge to listen to There You Go,  Most Girls, You Make me Sick, and Hiccup xD

Then came M!ssundaztood, which I think came round the time when Moulin Rouge! (top10 fave film!!) so everyone was on the Lady Marmalade bus. I remember I went to the music store asking for a bunch of albums, and one them was this one. I asked the dude if they had it, but he told me they ran out, which is Peruvian for “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Also… he tried selling me a Cher album. LOL ~~~ I ended up buying the album online (sadly, the store went offline years ago ‘coz they had pretty sweet international offers…). One day, I had some friends over, and I put on the record, and everyone sort of looked at me funny like I was ET or something. They never knew someone who listened to P!nk. xD

Then there were friends who would act out the Lady Marmalde mv, and since most people knew Christina Aguilera or Lil’ Kim… I was sorta left with Pink or Mya. LOL’ Of course I chose Pink. xD

Anyway, after that Pink was like FAMOUS. She had a bunch of hits with her 2nd album, and everyone FELT entitled to be ‘a fan’. She won a bunch of awards for Lady Marmalade including a GRAMMY.

Then I graduated high school, and sort of lost my sense with the world (I moved at 17 to another country for studies and was living practically on my own) and didn’t know that Pink had released a 3rd album, Try This, and I saw Trouble on Yahoo Music. At first, I didn’t know whether I liked the song or the video, coz it was different. After a few weeks… I had downloaded the songs and began enjoying the tracks more and more. Finally on my trip to China (nearly a year after the release of the album) I bought it. I still think is the finest P!nk album against popular belief, since it did poorly in the charts.

After that, years passed without P!nk’s new music (although she did some songwriting for some who I would’ve never put together with her), and finally she released I’m not Dead. The 4th album sorta goes abck to the M!ssundaztood formula to a rockish pop and pop rockish with some funny thrown in, which worked. Totally. The album was pretty popular, and you could even see some of the videos getting airtime in Latin America.

Just a month or so ago, Pink released Funhouse, -holy crap! I still can’t believe I’ve got all the albums – which follows the same formula of the last album… rockish pop, pop rockish with some funny. Now that I’ve listened to this more than a couple of times, I dig it a lot more than I did the first time around. It’s got some good track (like any of her albums), but it’s not nearly as brilliant as Try This… which by the way won her a 2nd GRAMMY (and first SOLO GRAMMY) for Trouble.

No other female solo artist on my CD rack takes so much space as Pink does. LOL’ – Now, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if she came over to give a concert??? Hint, hint… first Peruvian fan. xD

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