My Teenhood Crushes

April 16, 2013 — 1 Comment

I ran into this after a series of related links on websites.


“I never took the fame too seriously, it was a great period in my life, but it doesn’t define me.”

So I went down a bit on memory lane to think about my favorite guys.

The first one, of course, was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I was searching online whether he had something new coming up (hence the People article, but alas~ no such luck.). So you’ll have to do with this prettyful photo of him.


Who else?


Well, the beautiful David Gallagher was a pretty age-appropriate crush of mine, until I stopped watching 7th Heaven and I lost track of everyone. Then David popped up on Super 8, and some time between all of that, I somehow realized he had dated Megan Fox. Hmmmkay.


Nobody knows him outside that Nickelodeon now-classic, Clarissa Explains it All! And every little girl wanted to be Clarissa (with Mexican accent), and every little girl had a crush on Sam… played by Sean O’Neal. Not really much age-appropriate BUT consider the time it took to be dubbed.


Elijah Wood used to be the most beautiful thing on my screen EVER. His palest skin, his dark hair and the bluest of blue eyes. As a little girl, she made my heart melt, sighs~~~ Then he played Frodo, and the magic was a little bit over. But sometimes my heart flips when I see something pre-LotR on TV. xD I’ve kinda traded Elijah for Daniel Radcliffe [1], and then kinda traded him for Matthew Lewis [1].


And… a lot more age-inappropriate considering they were in their late 20s or 30s — especially Archie Kao, coz he’s like the same age as the first generation of Power Rangers, so he’s like 20 years older than me. xD But I’m glad to say Christopher Gorham is aging really REALLY good. At nearly 40, he looks his best, let’s see what he looks like in his mid-40s. ~~~

And bonus!


When Brendan Fletcher was a little kid, specially on Shirley Holmes, I didn’t find him pretty at all. I don’t know if it was the mushroom cut he used to have or that Stink was always obnoxious, but now- I think he looks really really good. And I like him all crazy and intense.

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