To Watch Until They’re 30 – Daniel Radcliffe

October 14, 2009 — 5 Comments

On #5 of the Actors list is none other than Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe.


Say what, you say. Yes, Daniel Radcliffe. Despite pretty much only working on the Harry Potter franchise, with other few projects here and there, he makes it to half list. Why? Because he wants it. He wants it bad, and he works hard for it because he knows he can’t just wait for things to come his way.

December Boys was okay, decent movie. My Boy Jack was okay too. But his choice to bare it all on Equus, and saying he wants to play gay (or transvestite, internet is unclear on the quote) on film, makes me think that he might as well end up playing a role similar to Macaulay Culkin with Party Monster, which would be very welcomed.

He seems to be involved on the film The Journey is the Destination about the life of photojournalist Dan Eldon. Radcliffe also seems interested in working the theater business with a Broadway appearance on the 1960s musical, How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Worth keeping an eye~

5 responses to To Watch Until They’re 30 – Daniel Radcliffe

  1. OMG… how long should i look at this before i freak. this has to be the best pic of radcliffe i’ve seen in ,,,well,,,ever …… Very mature and shows him in the way that makes us think harry potter is no longer a child! I totally feel like a pervert for looking at this pic of Dan. He is very handsome …….

  2. DANIEL ALAN JACOB RADCLIFFE all i can say is you look amazing and i have never ever seen such a handsome boy in my life.
    love you alot

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