Rurouni Kenshin: Yu Aoi Interview

September 2, 2012 — 2 Comments

So this was posted AGES ago, thought that I would post since some fan was kind enough to have translated Yu-chan’s answers (and we almost never get that).

1)Yu was happy to get her role because she thinks that Keishi Otomo managed to make great action movie, and action movies of quality are rare in Japan.

2) Yu liked how Sato Takeru and Takei Emi played their parts — she especially liked that Takeru had a responsible attitude to his role of main character, and that Emi managed to make a great scene out of the complex action sequence which seemed to be impossible to play.

3) Yu admitted that she has no sex appeal, and that she and Megumi are complete opposites. Yu tried really hard to portray Megumi right, but she said “What’s we can’t do we can’t do”. At first, Yu thought about declining the offer to play Megumi, but then she decided that she would use this opportunity to learn.

4) Yu played in Ryomaden so she knew the director. She admires him a lot and the shooting process he organises. Yu thinks that the movie created by so many great people of cast and crew in the amazing atmosphere that was during the shooting must be really good.

5) Yu also said that the director helped her a lot answering all her questions. Her Megumi is cunning — she flirts with Kenshin, even though she’s not serious about it. Yu confessed that Megumi has a scary make-up i.e. she has so muck of it, it becomes embarassing when Megumi’s close-ups are overlapped with Kaoru’s ones.

6) Yu really admires Kagawa Teruyuki and she tries to learn from him every time she gets the chance to work with him. She was impressed by Takeru’s action scenes as well, as she didn’t have any action scenes herself. She thinks that Kenshin is the embodiment of “man’s appeal,” and she confessed that she couldn’t help but to fall in love with his hitokiri-side.

There is also a translation with Kikkawa Kouji, via Kateviardo’s Tumblr.

Thank you much. x)

2 responses to Rurouni Kenshin: Yu Aoi Interview

  1. I have no idea that her natural voice is husky. It’s so different from what I imagine after watching Osen.

    • She has three voices. The high-pitch chirpy one she had for Osen, she also uses for commercials. A regular medium one she uses for voice-over work and formal talk (in some interviews), and the lower range which she uses in behind-the-scenes interviews or casual interviews like this one. :)

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