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June 21, 2009 — 2 Comments

With the release of Ike-chan to Boku this weekend, there should be articles and reviews on it – if anyone would care to hunt for them and briefly translate them. It would rock.

In the meantime, I found this 5-question interview on CinemaOnline – a proper translation would be appreciated~ – it also comes with a couple of photos…

Yu Aoi - Ike-chan Interview

This is my quick I-don’t-speak-or-understand translation

really, take my translation with a grain of salt… and much skepticism~

What did you think when you were cast as the voice of Ike-chan?
I was surprised by many things. Playing the voice of a character is a first for me. Until now, I’ve voiced some girl or boy of a different age or different people.

Ike-chan is speaking about the people. At first, I didn’t know what it was, and I thought I’d put a voice to this. It really surprised me it was a live-action film. I think I tried to be funny.

In the film, Ike-chan is an important character, and that someone would let me play it, I felt honored and delighted. I wanted it immediately

What was the decisive factor? [referring to wanting to do it immediately???]
It was intuition. I got the script before from someone at the office [agency?].  I read Nishihara Rieko’s original “Ike-chan to boku”, and a good feeling began inside me, I wanted to read it again to get the sense of what was the book about.

What did you think when you read the script?
That’s another type of language.  Different words to Nishihara’s.  It was somewhat fun to read. I don’t think it’s usual for kids now? [???] How did I find all of this?[???] It was fun.

[Really, I’m sorry for this crap translation- two more to go] LOL

What was the most difficult thing about playing Ike-chan?
Ike-chan is only visible to Yoshio, so during a conversation there is an average interval. However, the conversations between them are from a distance [they are recorded at different time and place], which was difficult to balance inside my head.

[???] I couldn’t calculate the amount of silence to add to the dialog. I had to connect the conversations between Yoshio and Ike-chan in my head…  It’s not something I have ever experienced. Two distant elements. It was great to experience something like this.

Aoi Yu-san from “Ike-chan to Boku” , your message please.
Watch the film. [???]

I’m sorry, really. I can’t translate any longer. LOL – If anyone wants to take a shot at it, be my guest.

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