Salyu – Maiden Voyage – Merkmal Live @ Nippon Budonkan 2009

March 26, 2010 — 14 Comments

HMV JP takes top marks on shipping.
It only took 2 days! TWO days for my order to arrive~~~

It took Salyu 3 years to release her 3rd studio album, but it’s not like we were deprived of new music. In fact, Maiden Voyage contains many of the singles that Salyu had release these past years [6, if I count correctly]. You could say this could be a compilation of sorts, but it surprisingly works nicely as an album.

The album art gives you the visuals of flying… almost in a dream-like fashion — I mean, Salyu IS floating on a mattress and/or pillows, right? These visuals work really well with the overall themes and overall energy of the songs (yes, I actually grabbed the song book and followed the bouncing ball).

It also looks like Salyu is experimenting with her own music by finally stepping onto the writers chair, and even working on the music herself. Of course, she’s not doing it alone but with the help of Takeshi Kobayashi who has been there since the days of Lily Chou Chou. The collaborations between Kobayashi and Salyu are what we have come to get used to as far as Salyu’s sound is.

Interestingly enough, Salyu’s song (written and composed as least with the help of Tatsuya Kokufu) L.A.F.S (which stands for Love at First Sight) reminded me a little bit of what Salyu used to sound as Lily. Somewhat off-beat melodies, with really simple lyrics, but really moody.

Overall, the album really flows well and feels like a whole, except maybe for the oddball BIRTHDAY, which threw me off… in a really good way. The song, written by Salyu and composed again by Kokufu, sounded like Shiina Ringo and Bjork had a lovechild, if that were EVER possible.

I’ve taken to Salyu’s music because it’s soothing, as well as quite slow and easier to follow with a songbook. Salyu is really quite good to practice your reading and pronunciation. However on BIRTHDAY, she slurs her words and sounds completely different. I’m looking forward to more of that sound in the future. Hopefully.

As for the concert DVD. Well, it’s totally worth the price you pay for this limited edition with DVD ~

Screencap galore after the break~

The concert features 26 songs… running around 2.40hrs, it includes a few songs from the All About Lily Chou Chou album, which are magic to listen to. As well as songs from “landmark,” and “Terminal”.

Video quality and sound are good, despite some blurriness and graininess at the beginning.

14 responses to Salyu – Maiden Voyage – Merkmal Live @ Nippon Budonkan 2009

  1. Got this yesterday, and I am doing a second listening this morning. Been into Japanese music for eight years, but I didn’t even know who Salyu was until I got into Yu and saw Lily Chou-chou. I think I have probably listened to all of Salyu’s albums once and I like them, but I thought of her as a singer you had to be in the right mood to listen to. I’ve changed my opinion, at least on this album, and I will be spending the next week listening to her other albums, if I can stop listening to this one. Hmm…I think I will listen to this one again this morning.

  2. Well, many of my friends were really into JPop since high school, but I was never into it. Generally, I found the mainstream J-scene a bit dull and repetitive, but ever since I saw AALCC… falling in love with the work with Iwai, Yu and well… also Salyu.

    I loved the moodiness of Lily, but then again… I also loved Bjork’s music since I was a 10 year old kid. I had never though of Salyu’s music as something I could sing or dance to, but I always seem to be in the mood to listen to it – just listen. I can always appreciate albums/music that aren’t meant to be performed. You know? Some albums are meant to be albums, and some others are meant to be performed. It’s like Bjork’s Volta album. I didn’t particularly enjoyed the CD, but the songs live… they were something else.

    The beauty of Salyu’s music to me was that I enjoyed it as an album, and considering my reaction to the concert DVD… I would totally enjoy it live. Salyu seems to love to sing. Some singers love producing their albums, but you can tell they don’t like performing or being in the spotlight. Some others love performing, and don’t necessarily bring the goods in the studio… Salyu loves singing. xD

  3. Wow! Finally watched the DVD. Wow! I never knew she was this good live. I think I need to rethink the timing of my trip to Japan, and do it when she is touring, cause I need to see her instead of Kiyoe-chan and ikimono gakari.

  4. Having this is totally worth if only for the concert. It is really a well-put-together show… and quite epic. I mean, literally… almost 3hrs performing? I think, however, this was only for this special DVD – I could be wrong, and you’re invited to prove me wrong.

    From the info slip on the cd, it seems her concerts are between 30-1hr shows averaging $50 a ticket. I doubt this concert cost $50… maybe way back xD

  5. Hmm…Salyu, May 13th in Osaka. 5800 yen plus $600 plus some miles for a roundtrip ticket. Tempting. I think I might go.

    After seeing the video I was godsmacked. Simply awestruck seeing her. Haven’t had this happen in a long time.

  6. Just watched a clip of イナヅマ from a different concert on Youtube, and Salyu really holds nothing back when she sings live. I guess she is someone who you just have to see live to truly understand what an awesome singer she is.
    Well time to start the trip planning.

  7. hahaha! You really need to make me envious on Eastern week xD

    I love that she sings her lungs and heart out live.
    she does seem like a total experience you should just sit back and pay attention to. I don’t see her taking her microphone away so the audience can sing… instead we just listen to her.

  8. Yeah, it has been a long time since I saw anyone sing their lungs out, and just enjoy singing so much. Was going to try to see ikimono gakarai, but they are finishing in two weeks, so two hard to do, but a concert six weeks out is perfect. Now working on tickets to see AKB48 in Tokyo. Hope I can get a ticket to see Team A.

  9. Would love if you could write a short review of Salyu live for YAM [the PDF magazine].

  10. Lily Chou Chou is back Dec 8 2010 with a new song!!

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