Lily Chou Chou – Ether

This is the best I’m going to get from Lily. A new song.

For those of you who don’t know, Lily Chou Chou is the fictional singer portrayed in Shunji Iwai’s film All About Lily Chou Chou. Lily was played by Salyu on the film, and there was an album released under that artist name. This is the only new material ever since the film was released… and it’s even rare to get to hear the Lily songs in a Salyu concert.

If you haven’t watched All About Lily Chou Chou, it is a rough experience.

Visitor Uzaigaijin kept me posted on the status of her concert ticket, and she messaged me saying she got one! So she will be writing a review of Lily Chou Chou’s concert this week for YAM Magazine. ;P

I’m excited and jealous. xD

5 responses to Lily Chou Chou – Ether

  1. Btw, they re-issue the special edition of All About Lily Chou-chou. v(。・・。)イエッ♪

  2. The movie :)
    And some poster too.

  3. The concert was great. I’ve read many comments in japanese on twitter and mixi and althought I understand the disappointment of some (hardcore) fans I think they expected something which never really existed. That’s the problem when virtuality meets reality (^^’
    Anyway, great show, nice setlist, and Lily/Salyu’s voice is amazing.

    I’m writing my full review tomorrow boss ! But since u have my email address thx to wordpress tell me where I should send itね

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