Lily Chou Chou – Kokyu Re-Issue

March 30, 2009 — 10 Comments

So this totally slipped my mind! I got the re-issue of Breathe!!! The Lily Chou Chou album from the Lily film by Shunji Iwai. The first time you see the film is so SO difficult~~ it’s such a hard theme, and characters you just want to slap around. I was a kid not long ago, and I felt so disconnected from THAT reality… yet, the film. You go back to it, and absorb it. The visuals, the music… it’s heartbreak.

Salyu, her voice~~ I fell in love with the soundtrack. The album is an experience all on its own… perhaps more than Salyu’s other albums. It’s the film, it’s because the album is strongly connected to that reality that it works so well… perhaps, a bit poetic. It’s THAT magical. At least to me, and to all the people that had bought the first issue of the album~~~ and maybe the reason WHY it was re-released.

I just want to know, from the people that bought the first run of copies… is it the same as the re-issue? Or has something changed? Hence, the re-issue credits in the album (including a re-design credit) ~ your thoughts?

Lily Chou Chou - Salyu - Kokyu

10 responses to Lily Chou Chou – Kokyu Re-Issue

  1. Thank you for the comment and raising the concern about the image posted on my blog. I was looking for Lily Chou-Chou promotion shots and typed into Google ‘Lily Chou-Chou Kokyu promo’ or something along the lines of that (I tried getting promotions from but they didn’t have any in high enough resolution) and your blog came up and I did save it and edit and then post it onto my blog.

    If you are hesitated about me re posting this image feel free to contact me and I shall remove it from my site. However I may not be able to do it immediately because our family has just moved house and we don’t have internet connected yet, so I have had to contact you from the school computers and they don’t tend to like editing WordPress posts. lol.

    And, yes I think that Kokyu is also one of Salyu’s best… if not her best! Lovely post and thanks for your understanding.

  2. Great post. The album is so beautiful, as is the film. I remember crying the first time I watched it, there is so much beauty and so much pain all at the same time.

    Lovely photos by the way!

    • thank you for the comment. your blog has some very interesting content, and like you, I buy the physical albums to support the artist, and really don't care much about digital quality. Will be checking out some of your suggestions as soon as I get some free time ;P

  3. Hi, great Album. Really apologise having to ask, but may I question where you bought this from?
    I have been dying to get hold of this CD for so long now.

  4. Many many thanks Amy :-)
    I have managed to get myself a copy at long last. I cannot wait to have such an amazing piece of art turn up on my doorstep!!!

  5. Hi! I just want to know where you bought the album. I’m going bonkers not being able to find it!

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