Salyu – Glide – Merkmal Live @ Nippon Budonkan 2009

Unlike Bjork, I feel Salyu is approachable, or it must be that politeness that plagues Japanese language as a whole… anyway, Salyu seems nicer than she appears with those crazy eyes. You know? When she’s singing in this performance of Glide, which by the way is one of those songs that don’t get performed enough for being part of the Lily Chou Chou repertoire, instead of Salyu’s. Because Salyu IS Lily.

Listening to her is one of those experiences, imagine it LIVE~ O.o

You just get to watch it as a YouTube stream, while I enjoy it on my 5.1 Surround sound dvd – and Bill… well, he gets to see Salyu live. I’ll stick to Bjork… unless Salyu decides to come here. Wink wink nudge nudge.

If this clip doesn’t get you to listen to other Salyu songs, I dunno what will.

3 responses to Salyu – Glide – Merkmal Live @ Nippon Budonkan 2009

  1. "the Bjork concert at the Lyric Opera House in Chicago was the best concert I had ever seen until seeing Salyu" – You're killing me with this one. xD

  2. That's pretty awesome. Shall investigate.

  3. Well, I just spent the day listening to Salyu and nothing else. Great stuff.

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