Time Album + Mini-PB + DVD by Bibi Zhou

August 7, 2009 — 1 Comment

It’s here, it’s here!

Bibi Zhou - Time - Package

Pretty photos courtesy of me (so please, respect hot pink watermarks LOL),
plus a professional/sort-of-fan product review below the break~
enjoy, and link back if you’re sharing! xD

Let’s start with the basics~ This is the “pre-order” China version of Time [also comes in a Taiwan version and a regular China version], released under Gold Typhoon (EMI).
This “special” version contains:

  1. The album (10 tracks + songbook and 2 decent-sized posters)
  2. A 32-page Mini Photobook with a 100-ish photographs of Bibi and
    random Taipei (Taiwan) snapshots
  3. A 46-minute DVD of Gold Typhoon and Bibi celebrating her signing with them.

Bibi Zhou - Time

Let’s move ourselves from the bottom up.
The disc contains an “I am back/Welcome Bibi” segment on Fullscreen non-subtitled video. No extras… no MVs, just those 46mins of Bibi+a host+Gold Typhoon recording family and fans~

Oh yeah, and it comes included inside the Mini-PB~

Bibi Zhou - Time

The Mini PB in itself is average packaged. I still think it should have come with the same dimensions as the album, so the whole product could have been put together tighter. It contains 4 pages with
typed-content which I won’t be able to read~ (sorry~ I will ask someone though) and photographs by Marine Li. Even though there’s a photography credit, I’m sorry… I’m unable to fully enjoy this
photo-blogger-styled photographs. Some are okay, I get it – I wonder if that’s the Taiwan style because I can’t help but think about Yu’s Taiwan PB. Only difference is Bibi’s eating photos are realistic looking, hands-on eating style~~~

Bibi Zhou - Time

And last but not least~~~ the album!
Musically, I’m learning to enjoy it. However, I’m not here to review the music, but the product (though I’m reviewing it for YAM005). I think the album package works really well. It’s pretty common to get DVD-case-sized with plastic cover albums in China, but the style and quality of this one in particular are above average.

Bibi Zhou - Time

Art direction is clean, minimalist approach to everything from the photographs to the layout of the lyrics and song credits. The songbook contains 9 photos of Bibi with the Time theme with the bike and floating numbers, which surprisingly have grown me.

Bibi Zhou - Time

Besides the songbook, and Gold Typhoon music ads (LOL),
there’s also two decent-sized Bibi Time posters with her signature… which will be the next best thing for me since there’s little chance for me to ever meet Bibi.

Bibi Zhou - Time

Overall, some great stuffs and some things that need improving (content in the supposed extras). The only thing that I’m wondering now is if the other two versions have the same album (without the DVD and PB) package, or if they are different.

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