If Only… Tokyo Trash Baby

March 20, 2010 — 8 Comments

This is Acerk’s last (and best) pick for Yu Aoi wishful thinking films. And I really did my best to stretch these picks as much as I could just to see if other fans would contribute their own.

There’s still time people!

1. Tokyo Trash Baby

Synopsis: Instead of acting on her feelings for the scruffy musician who lives next door, Miyuki, a shy and lonely Tokyo waitress, settles for sifting through his trash, in the hopes that she can get to know him better by the things he throws away.

Director: Ryuichi Hiroki
Cast: Mami Nakamura, Kazuma Suzuki, Kou Shibasaki
Replacing: Mami Nakamura
Role: Miyuki

Tokyo Trash Baby takes the prize for being the number one film I wish Yu could have been in. I first saw TTB right after I discovered Yu and have always pictured her in the main role for some reason.

Yu’s got that innocent and shy persona down, but I know she has it in her to play a disturbed character and play it well. We got a small glimpse of what she’s capable of in Welcome to the Quiet Room, but unfortunately, her character was severely underused. There’s a scene in the movie that takes place in the bathroom where Yu’s Miki character reveals the reason why she doesn’t eat and her delivery sent chills down my spine!… seriously!

The character of Miyuki in Tokyo Trash Baby is obsessed with her neighbor and it leads her into doing some pretty bizarre things like going through other people’s trash. There’s one gross scene in the film and a couple of scenes that involve sex, but nothing explicit. If Yu were to play this role, I feel it would definitely broaden her opportunities in the industry and hopefully would prevent her from being typecast as the girl next door.

That’s the main reason I wish Yu were in Tokyo Trash Baby. I think her career would benefit from doing a film that’s different and more mature.

8 responses to If Only… Tokyo Trash Baby

  1. Hey, Acerk. Sorry for the trailer, it’s the only video I could find online!

    You mentioned Yu’s Miki on Quiet Room, and I got the same chilling factor during that same scene. That sole scene made the film for me. What a line delivery!

    Let’s hope Ryuichi Hiroki goes closer to this path, though I suspect that by having Yu and Masaki Okada under his lead, it looks like he might be going the safe way. Have you seen April Bride? Though, you really raised my hopes up when you suggested Tokyo Trash Baby LOL

    I wonder what you will think about my #1 pick. xD

  2. I’m with you, I have a feeling the director will take the safe route with “Raiou”. I don’t think Masaki Okada is in the point of his career where he or his agent would want to try anything remotely risqué. Yu, on the other hand, is ready. From that chilling scene in Quiet Room to the “OMG!” moment in One Million Yen Girl, I think she’s not only ready, but capable to take that next step in her career from being a teen idol to a mature adult actress.

    Wow, you’ve made me really curious to know what your #1 pick is! Any hints?

  3. Well, on Masaki Okada’s benefit he seems to be working everywhere, and be everyone’s go-to boy… I mean, he is in the new Tetsuya Nakashima film xD and I’m looking forward to that. So Masaki O. seems to be in most Japanese films I’m looking forward willingly or not…

    your hint to my #1 pick is… it’s a 2009 movie.

    We should be Yu Aoi’s managers and hunt down great projects LOL Risky, and omg-i-cant-believe-she-did-that projects that will get talked about online haha.

    any idea on what other fandom lists we could work on after these “if only” picks? I was thinking doing a ranking on Yu Aoi on-screen love interest poll… since you know, people online love giving their opinions on which idol should date who and so on.

    otherwise, you know Yu news will be quiet until FLOWERS and/or Raiou comes out. I doubt she’ll be doing any press for Nodame, since that’s a Juri train all on its own.

  4. LOL, cute video.

    I wonder though… Juri is younger than Yu, bu she seems to treat her as if she were older. Right? Or is that my skewed perception?

  5. I agree, but I guess it’s just natural for Juri since Yu looks so young and innocent. It really does look like Juri is older though…if I didn’t know their ages, I’d guess Juri is 27 and Yu is 22. Didn’t Juri play Yu’s OLDER sister in Rainbow Song?…maybe that’s where she gets it.

    As for other fandom lists, maybe we could do another “if only” with the actors and actresses we’d like Yu to co-star with and in what genres….or maybe what director we’d like to see Yu work with. I dunno.

  6. Oh yeah, she was her older sis on rainbow song xD

    Yeah, although I’m a bit older than Juri, I also feel she’s older that me. haha

    I’ll give our “if only” ideas a thought.

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