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Here’s the main idea post.

And yes, I made it passed the 48 films. I’m nearly on my film #70, I think.

Since it’s nearly December here, and it’s December already in several places. It’s time for a reminder because I haven’t heard from many of you, and I promised to remind everyone.

  • You’ve got all this month to watch films to complete your 48 film-count.
  • Your nomination list should be sent by January 7th 2010.
  • Nominations categories are the same as the Academy Awards, except;
    • no Best Foreign Film category.
    • no shorts (documentaries, animated or live-action)
    • no Documentary Features either.
  • Nominations are announced on January 10th 2010
  • Voting for a winner ends on January 28th 2010
  • Winners are announced January 31st 2010.

So grab and Academy Award nomination list, fill in the blanks except for the categories specified above, and send them my way. ;P

Some people say that car commercials are not actually to get people to buy the cars, but to reassure them that they made the right choice. I thought that was actually kinda nice.

But this commercial doesn’t compare how nice this Let It Shine Honda ad is. Like seriously, you have to watch it THERE on THAT link specifically. I’m not kidding you. I feel butterflies when I watch it.

Gift ideas for those who love Sci-Fi and don’t know what to give their friend who don’t love Sci-Fi as much. Yes, this is pretty much a pimp and filler post. LOL, but just putting this out there.

My story with Y: The Last Man is a bit curious. I’m not a person that is used to reading comics (or manga) – it was never my thing. I have bought the seldom Buffy comic (prior to Season 8) but just because it was Buffy. It was a chore when, my then roommate told me to read Y: The Last Man. Why? Because he made me do it. He had bought like 6 Volumes of it, and I began to read. I was surprisingly hooked.

It is that good. You don’t need to love comics or sci-fi to get hooked.

Yes, it’s about a guy that ends up being the only man left on earth after a mysterious global blood-burst episode. Yes, there’s a lot of women… and some of them are crazy, but it’s still good.

Y: The Last Man – 10 Volume List

I read somewhere online that they were planning a movie of it, and Shia (yes, that Shia) was rumored to be Yorick. Please, no. Please, be original. Don’t give the dude one more franchise… of sorts.

There’s also a fancy “deluxe” version of the first 3 volumes…

Yes, you can buy these if you’re trying to get someone to like Sci-Fi.
Trust. It worked on me. Also… buy them for me? Ha!

I received a notification on my email that Amazon was going to begin selling The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life: Volume 3 this week. First of all, I wasn’t aware that Volume 1 and Volume 2 were on the market. Then I read properly. It’s not an official release! It’s on DVD-R, so they won’t play on many DVD players. And they’re edited! And you gotta pay over $20USD for those volumes.

So that’s about $60 for just three volumes.
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life – Volume 1
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life – Volume 2
The Best of Rocko’s Modern Life Volume 3 (2 Disc set)

Now, is that fair? As a consumer, and as a fan of the show?

No, I don’t think so.

So this is a link to the complete 4 seasons of Rocko’s Modern Life.


Here it is! Third batch of cookies~
x) Caramel Chocolate Walnut Cookies~