Family-Outing-Styled Hyori~

Hahaha, it’s hard to resist Family Outing Hyori.
So irresistibly a-dork-able Hyori. xD
And man, that fake Afro. Totally kills me.

And yes, I’m sad Jaesuk is leaving. No more FO. U.u

– edit –

Since the video was deleted from YouTube, I wonder if this new version can load. If not, you can try to check it out at

Yeah, yeah. Didn’t post anything substantial today. I know.

Watched Precious last night. *sighs* It was sad.
Like, “want to hug you” sadness.

— EDIT —

Seems the video is gone from the net. :(

Here’s something to get you by.

— EDIT 2 —

Lo and behold!

3 responses to Family-Outing-Styled Hyori~

  1. Man, you have it bad… I am actually sad that it wasn’t me that got u into this!

  2. Conste. I just ran into that video.
    I was listening to Daesung’s Look at Me song,
    found a clip with him singing the song with Hyori
    and ended on this video. LOL

    Hyori makes me happy,
    but she scares me hahaha.
    Luckily she can’t tell me off in Korean,
    and she’s intimidated by English HAHAHA.

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