Gift Ideas: Y: The Last Man

November 30, 2009 — Leave a comment

Gift ideas for those who love Sci-Fi and don’t know what to give their friend who don’t love Sci-Fi as much. Yes, this is pretty much a pimp and filler post. LOL, but just putting this out there.

My story with Y: The Last Man is a bit curious. I’m not a person that is used to reading comics (or manga) – it was never my thing. I have bought the seldom Buffy comic (prior to Season 8) but just because it was Buffy. It was a chore when, my then roommate told me to read Y: The Last Man. Why? Because he made me do it. He had bought like 6 Volumes of it, and I began to read. I was surprisingly hooked.

It is that good. You don’t need to love comics or sci-fi to get hooked.

Yes, it’s about a guy that ends up being the only man left on earth after a mysterious global blood-burst episode. Yes, there’s a lot of women… and some of them are crazy, but it’s still good.

Y: The Last Man – 10 Volume List

I read somewhere online that they were planning a movie of it, and Shia (yes, that Shia) was rumored to be Yorick. Please, no. Please, be original. Don’t give the dude one more franchise… of sorts.

There’s also a fancy “deluxe” version of the first 3 volumes…

Yes, you can buy these if you’re trying to get someone to like Sci-Fi.
Trust. It worked on me. Also… buy them for me? Ha!

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