Yu in Drag!?

September 1, 2009 — 11 Comments

Finally time~~~

This post is dedicated to Julz, who always mentions that Yu-chan looks like a very cute boy. Now, the newest issue of So-En magazine has given me the chance to search online for photos of Yu in drag. Why? Well, as the title on the magazine suggests… “Aoi Yu no BO~IZU SUTAIRU!” or “Yu Aoi’s Boy Style!”

Yu Aoi - So-En - Boy Style

I haven’t found great big scans of this, just a photo of a photo. But the rest of “Boyish Yu” from other shoots make up for it, I think…

Yu Aoi - So-En - Boy Style

I am looking forward to proper scans of this~~~
Anyway, here are the rest of “Boyish Yu”

Camouflage - Ep04

Camouflage - Ep04

Camouflage - Ep04

Camouflage - Ep04

Camouflage - Ep04

Yu Aoi - Archery

Yu Aoi - suit - Kirin Tea

And from the shoot I’m pretty sure is from the Ginza Aug’07~

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07

Yu Aoi - Ginza - Aug'07



I particularly find Yu in short hair quite refreshing. More of Yu in short hair!
your thoughts? fan thoughts? Most guys will prefer her in long hair, I bet~~~

11 responses to Yu in Drag!?

  1. OMFG!!!

    HOw much do U wanna bet that GD is gonna be stacking that magazine in his room?

    I hadn’t thought of GD, but now that you mention it.

    I’m interested in the 2nd pic, hahaha

    I want more short-haired Yu. Her hair on the Ginza shoot is crazy good – and the hair on the cover! I lurv it!! I wish I had straight hair. I only get puffy hair when it grows, hence the clipping of the hair~~~

  3. I’m a guy and eventhough I do prefer Yu with long hair, I still think she looks very attractive with it short. She’s just beautiful!

  4. You should wait for my Eye Scream Yu photo post, which I got information for while searching for this. Though I’m trying to space out the Yu postings…

  5. incredible pics, she’s so pretty. I wish we could see her on screen with such looks, instead of mags, oh well…

  6. word!
    what role would you give her for her to sport such look?

  7. um, with the cap and white shirt, I’d see her as some reporter investigating something terrible like human trafficking OR she could be some secret agent or high-profile supercop !! :)

  8. LOL, funny you’ve mentioned that.
    Those captures are actually from episode 04 of Camouflage, the episode where she runs a lot. In that sequence she’s pretending she’s a private investigator chasing after a suspect or something xD out of a Pachinko place. But it’s really a blink or you’ll miss it scene.

    The 3rd photo of the Ginza shoot gives me the I’m a street punk with an attitude vibe. I want to see her as a bad ass something xD

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