Yu Aoi for So-En Magazine (re-post)

March 13, 2010 — 7 Comments

I think the website that had the scans for the Boys Style So-En photoshoot is gone, so I took some of my late night hours, un-watermarked and cleaned up the images for re-posting.

Call it… Yu Aoi archiving purposes. LOL

Photos by Mie Morimoto, but you know~ It’s all about the style in this one, right?
Stylist: Junko Kobashi
Hair & Makeup: Takayuki Miyamori [who also did Yu as a Mori Girl]

Enjoy! And forgive the crappy un-watermarking.

7 responses to Yu Aoi for So-En Magazine (re-post)

  1. Thank you so much!! I adore her androgynous shoots (this is her second one I think…)

  2. no worries. I don’t know if it’s her second, but the Ginza photoshoot could be the one you are talking about. I don’t know if there are others…

    and, just in case. please, change the numbers in your name in case you comment a second time.

  3. Gracias. Me encantan las primeras fotos de chico malo con estilo.

  4. xD Yu Aoi Bad Boy Style LOL

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