When Aoi Was Natsui

My gosh! Look what I found on Weibo~

At the time, Yu was only 1.50m xD

By the way, she’s turning 26 in two days. Yu is now closer to her 30s than her 20s. O_O

4 responses to When Aoi Was Natsui

  1. i want to get weibo now! whose errrr account was this from?

    • I heard that there’s a Weibo app for iphone in English, or something like that :) – Sadly, the site still has not an English option for language, but I’ve gotten used to the interface. So much more fun than Twitter!

      This is the Weibo account that posts a lot of Yu Aoi stuff~

  2. ahaha that’s cute and funny !!

  3. Happy bday, Yu!

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