Yu Aoi 2010 Calendar

January 5, 2010 — 5 Comments

I wasn’t gonna post these — like I said, not a calendar person — , but ran into some okay scans,
so now I’m looking for all of them. If you have them, resolution of 560px wide or more
leave a link on the comments!

I can totally see Dutch Milk Maid… or Hansel & Gretel. Ja?

They are perfect for pretty icons, aren’t they?

5 responses to Yu Aoi 2010 Calendar

  1. Pretty!
    I might get it just of the artistic touch!

  2. some funny and artistic pics in there !!!

  3. it is an unconventional calendar…
    at least compared to her 2008 one, i think.

    I really like October’s photo. it’s the glasses.

  4. Why is this so expensive on amazon japan? (it's almost $90+) TT~TT
    Anywho… I'm curious Amy, where did you find these ones from?

    • Most likely Flickr.

      A new calendar is coming out in October (got the email from HMV JP), so maybe u can buy that… doesn't YesAsia have this one though? Hmm, no my bad – they only have the upcoming calendar.

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