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July 18, 2009 — 6 Comments

I know, I know… I’m being lazy.

By the way, by the time of posting this, I’m probably away taking photos at a concert. This is a scheduled post because I wanted Maggie Cheung as the first post for a little longer… xD

I usually post one thing per post, but there’s too much Yu to post –
all via aoinohoho’s Yu-dedicated JP blog.


Rumors that NHK’s future 2011 (I know, I know… so far ahead) Taiga drama (a la Yoshitsune, Atsuhime) would be centered around three sisters… The Three Asai Sisters (?). They throw in some names like Masami Nagasawa and Aya Ueto, but seem positively (?) more thrilled to throw in Yu’s name xD – though you know, it IS a Google Translate.

Me on the other hand… I loved Atsuhime… a strong female who moved the pieces in this game of life. That may have had to do with the high ratings the show got alongside the writing, and production values. So the prospect of Yu on a Taiga drama thrills me. For one thing, I will be able to watch her once a week on my TV for a year. LOL – but then, that will mean a decrease on films… *eek!*


Apparently (this is old old news), FRaU Magazine had a list Yu’s 10 Best Films~
Some interesting choices there!

3 films in English made it to her list…

  • White Oleander (2002)
  • 2:37 (2006) [starring fellow Teresa Palmer of December Boys, Daniel Radcliffe fame]
  • Almost Famous (2000)

A very international one… actually, a two-part film project titled Ten Minutes Older, divided into The Trumpet and The Cello. (2002)

And the rest are Asian… though I’ve only heard of Sway (with fellow Joe Odagiri), which I wanna watch.

and third!

aoinohoho uploaded this 9min video of… Yu talking about a book? Book reading?

[iframe src=”https://www.tudou.com/v/GIK0Jvglz5w/v.swf” width=”480″ height=”400″]

Oh yeah, and did I mention my mom loves Yu? She told me that tonight… again. LOL

6 responses to Yu Aoi Short Takes~

  1. thanks for your coming my blog ^_^
    I was so lazy to post one thing per post,
    there are too many weblink in my blog,so it’s hard for someone to find some news

    It was a gossiping
    u know she likes movie more than drama
    and she is lazy
    I think it’s impossible that u want to see yu once week for a year XD

    [付録] 谷川俊太郎×蒼井優
    you could but this
    ダ・ヴィンチ 2009年 05月号

    aoiyu read 11 Poetrirs written by 谷川俊太郎
    I only cut the video about interview

  2. I see~~~
    that’s interesting stuff, but totally lost in translation. LOL
    Shuntaro Tanikawa x Aoi Yu
    DaVinci May 2009 Edition~

    haha, is she lazy?
    It’s still a great prospect though…
    I’m not watching the current Taiga Drama, even if I wanted to see Satoshi Tsumabuki… but Atsu-Hime was so good. It would actually be a great challenge. Plus, loads of international exposure (since it shows on NHK World).

    btw, you have too many blogs…

  3. I’ve seen three of her favorite Asian films which are Sway, Memories of Murder, and The Hidden Blade. They are all good films, my favorite of the three being Memories of Murder. I really liked the Hidden Blade the first time I saw it, so I purchased it, but on the second viewing, I wasn’t as impressed. Its from the same director as Twilight Samurai and of Yu’s upcoming movie, “Younger Brother”.
    I definitely want to check out Yi Yi since I’ve heard alot of good things, but I’m not in the mood right now to commit to a 3 hour movie!
    Overall a pretty good and interesting list. Her favorite films either are or seem to be pretty intelligent and thought-provoking which tells me alot about Yu’s character. I’m a bit saddened though that all her movies are from the 21st century with me being a lover of classic films and all. Oh well, its her list, not mine.

  4. LOL!
    Yeah, I noticed all her films are from 2000+ , but who am I to judge… after all, my top10 has only 2 films not from post-2000 xD

    Sway is on my list of films to watch these coming weeks, and I’ve also heard good things about YiYi. As for The Hidden Blade, I guess she must’ve felt honored (maybe giddy) to have worked with Yoji Yamada.

    On the subject of the films in English she’s chosen, I’ve only seen Almost Famous (which is a very awesome film) and partly White Oleander… I dunno about that one xD – I have mix feelings on that one haha.

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