Yu Aoi on NHK’s Taiga Drama Ryoma den!

December 24, 2009 — 9 Comments

NHK will begin airing their new Taiga (historical) drama on January 3rd 2010, titled Ryoman den (龍馬伝), and Yu has been announced as a cast member.

NHK’s 49h taiga drama centers around Ryoma Sakamoto (January 3, 1836 – December 10, 1867) a leader of the movement to overthrow the feudal regime of Tokugawa shogunate. Ryoma Sakmoto is thought to have been a visionary who helped spur Japan to modernization.

Yu Aoi will be playing Omoto, and we don’t know anything else. So those rumors weren’t so far off~~~ LOL We have no idea how long she will play Omoto… maybe 4 episodes? When? If you can read Jap, please let me know.

Best announcement for Xmas ever~ xD

I just need to wait for subs hahaha

9 responses to Yu Aoi on NHK’s Taiga Drama Ryoma den!

  1. Wooho! You really should start some Yu Aoi sub squad…..

  2. LOL
    not much worries on this one because the NHK Taiga Dramas get usually subbed for the US broadcast.

  3. Only dorama I am looking forward too. I really want to see if our team will pick it up, but fifty episodes is a lot, so I guess I will be waiting for the crappy TV rip out of SF or Hawaii,

  4. Well, I suppose there will be better captures, considering all the US has digital signal… right?
    Plus, since she’s only been announced now, I guess she’ll be in future episodes, and not right from the start. I will check it out on Sunday 3rd ;P

  5. I am watching Atsu-Hime now, and I think it must be no better than a VHS rip from a station in San Francisco. Really doesn’t look that great, but we have to take what we get, because subbing a Taiga dorama is a big commitment. But it seriously looks like a second or third generation copy at times/

    Oh, and did you get a translation of the web site? I can ask one of our translators to look at it if you still need it done.

  6. Yeah, the quality for Atsu-hime was bad, and it’s the same one for Yoshitsune. But I’m hoping it gets better with the switch to digital throughout the US and all. Since they’re historical, it’s not only commitment to translate all 50eps, but also historical knowledge for dates, names and places of historical importance. So I’ll take any translations xD

    You can get someone to go through the article, and tell us any important information… if you want.

    If you want a project to translate, I can suggest something!! LOL There’s a movie called Blue with Mikako Ichikawa released in 2001, and has no subs. I’ve seen a few bloggers wondering about the subs. Maybe your group can translate that!

    and talking about translations and dramas… I really wish NTV would release Osen on DVD, with English subs if there’s a wishing star somewhere~~~ xD

  7. by the way, what do you think of Atsu-hime by now?

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