Travel Sand Scanlation~

January 8, 2009 — 3 Comments

Well, not exactly a scanlation because I’m not thinking about scanning my book. But I was thinking of translatings… or trying to translate Travel Sand to practice my Japanese. Writing, and all… I’ve been transcribing the first chapter, which includes a Hollywood postcard, the letter, and then a bunch of captions on scattered photos.

Of course, with the help of Google Translate (and its funny translations), Rikaichan and the damn Kanji dictionary. This is helping me with my writing as well, because I can’t read all the kanji, so I write them with handwriting input… though sometimes I get it wrong, it’s quite effective.

I was wondering, if any of you… (I know you’re out there because that Travel Sand post has quite a few views) were interested in me posting that. Leave a message.

3 responses to Travel Sand Scanlation~

  1. finally got myself a copy from YesAsia. Nice item !!

  2. My favorite book! ^^
    You don’t happen to speak Japanese, right? LOL

  3. Unfortunately I’m not fluent but I’m learning. I just can speak, understand or read basic stuff (provided it’s written in Kana).

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