Jean Paul Strauss – Vibra Peru – Mambo de Machaguay

So… first of all, this was going to be just a Jean Paul Strauss post, but then… you know. I needed a bit of space to clear things up. I know I don’t particularly talk much about Peru in here (especially with my current obsession with Japanese and Asian) – Anyway, I heard this a couple of months ago… just half a tiny clip on television, so I couldn’t do much back then. Luckily, I decided to try my luck again, and surprise!

Vibra Peru is the album by Peruvian Jean Paul Strauss fusing Peruvian rhythms,folk music and the whole shebang, the result I thought was pretty fun (one of those reasons I also enjoyed some of Gianmarco’s productions). But let me just show you instead of writing about it~~~

[iframe width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”″]

Now, I’m pretty sure that’s track12 – Huaynos: (Matarina y Mambo de Machaguay). Why? Well, because I’ve heard Mambo de Machaguay before… I knew it when I was a kid because of a sing-along Libro Coquito book that had the music in one of the tracks (La Grua, if you were interested in it… I must have the goddamn tape somewhere). Then, I went all music discoverer, I recognized the tune on the Indian Carnival song by Yma Sumac (track 7) – I couldn’t really remember what the ‘tune’ is called… if Carnaval Arequipeno, or Cajamarquino… but it was a folk tune.

So I ended up on Wikipedia Spanish, and found that it’s called “Mambo de Machaguay” – what it’s missing? Well, it mentions the version by Los Jaivas from ’76, but fails to mention the 1954 use by Yma Sumac, so I just wanted that out of the way since I’m not a Wikipedia editor/user/contributor…

Here’s the version by Inca Son.

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