Well, Hello There~ Dr. Koto 2006 Subs

January 19, 2010 — 6 Comments

Ohisashiburi desu! LOL
This is taking the 4-years-waiting title. xD

This is your chance to see Yu Aoi on scrubs… even if she spends the first episode apologizing for everything she does, after all — she is playing a nurse just out of school, so we can forgive the IV drip, the blood-taking… the fainting in the OR, and shutting her eyes while doing an incision. Mina-chan is kind of a klutz, but a super-cute-i-totally-wanna-hug-you-poor-you clumsy nurse.

The fishermen interaction is priceless. The continuous bowing xD
that’s just too funny. Anyway, Subtitles and RAWs over at D-Addicts~~~

6 responses to Well, Hello There~ Dr. Koto 2006 Subs

  1. Yuuchan in a nurse outfit! Kyyyaaahhhh

  2. thanks for the info, will dl the whole thing right away

  3. thanks to Bill, who emailed me about it. ;P

  4. Thanks for the heads up (and to Bill). It seems pretty interesting.

  5. Now that ersby lets me know, I should have probably told everyone
    they should have seen Season 1 (subbed by SARS) first to
    fully enjoy this show. Yu Aoi in scrubs is still nice though… lol

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