RASUTO FURENZing One Person at a Time

June 11, 2008 — 1 Comment

Okay, so it’s official. I am RASUTO FURENZing people one at a time… and now that the last episode is approaching, I’m telling you right now! I’m coming to get ya! When I read about the show, and the controversy, I knew I had to watch. I was in a pickle when I saw the first two episodes, when damn! I realized the show had just started showing, and I had to wait for the next episode… and I’ve been waiting for the last 8 episodes.

On episode 2, I made my dad watch… and he’s been hooked since then too. I watch the show sans subs when it comes out, and I watch it once again with my dad when subs files are out… and sometimes, we keep on talking about it throughout the week.

About 6 days ago, I was talking to my friend when she asked if I was watching any anime series. I had to tell her that I haven’t been watching any anime in a very long time, but that I was watching Last Friends. Just 3 days later, she emailed me saying she and her cousin were literally STUCK to the show, and they were on episode 6 already! LOL

Well, not long ago… in fact, just a couple of hours ago, she emailed me once again saying that she just watched episode 9, and is still STUCK to the show. Now, we all can’t wait for next episode, which airs tomorrow… and dread next week when episode 11 airs and it ends. GAWD.

So, watch yourself! I’ll be RASUTO FURENZing you next.

I + verb to be + RASUTO FURENZing

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