Rie Miyazawa and Asami Mizukawa Join NHK’s Gou

April 12, 2010 — 10 Comments

Thanks Julz for the heads up~

Ueno plays the role of Gou (also known as Oeyo), the third daughter of the 16th century daimyo Azai Nagamasa (who married Oda Nobunaga’s sister Oichi-no-kata). Gou and her two older sisters are famous historical figures. The eldest, Yodo (also known as Chacha), will be played by Miyazawa, while the second sister, Hatsu, will be played by Mizukawa.


Adding from the announcement~~~
strong females + Atsu-hime writer, Juri Ueno, Rie Miyazawa + Asami Mizukawa?

Only getting better…

10 responses to Rie Miyazawa and Asami Mizukawa Join NHK’s Gou

  1. This is like the best thing ever!

  2. I haven’t seen Mizukawa in many dramatic roles…
    but I like her a lot in comedies…

  3. 2011? aww.. I wanna see Asami already! :) I’m excited for this, she and Juri together again. :)

  4. well, I recently saw Asami on some period-looking drama on NHK World Premium.
    I’m not sure what was it though. So maybe you can “already” see her ;P

  5. really? what is it? a period-looking drama?

  6. It seemed like a period-looking drama, that could have been the Samurai drama on NHK Mattsugu, but I can’t seem to find Asami on the credits, or info on Asami’s blog.

    Maybe NHK is/was re-broadcasting material, because Samurai Banners fits the description.

  7. Thanks a lot, you reply really fast. I’ll try to find this. :)

  8. no prob, you just got me online.
    I’m just about to go to bed ;P

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