Ruka/Eri ~ My Love!

June 23, 2008 — Leave a comment

LOL. So the last episode of Last Friends was out last thrusday. Did you watch it? I hope you did, coz I might be spoiling some of it on this post.

From episode one people have been cheering for Ruka/Michiru, because well… Ruka is just so lovable from the get-go that is hard not to cheer for her. We just want her to be happy, right??? Then after a couple of episodes, we were sort of cheering for Takeru/Ruka pairing as well, LOL. I don’t know about any of you, but from what I’ve mostly read online… many were like me on this one.Takeru was the Ruka to Ruka’s Michiru, LOL’

However, I always thought that I was the only one secretly wanting Ruka/Eri together. Ha! Turns out I was not so alone~ I found a couple of people who were probably as excited as I was with the last episode’s Ruka/Eri scenes.

Finally! Eri, after suspecting for so many episodes, talked to Ruka about Ruka’s situation. She gave a heartfelt monologue, and Ruka began tearing up, to which Eri said something like “Forgive me for never noticing.” Which takes me back to a scene when Eri talks to Takeru about her Ruka’s computer findings, to which Takeru asks if Eri hadn’t noticed anything before. It was funny that Eri didn’t really freaked out at first, but said something that felt like “wah, my roomate likes women and hasn’t even hit on me” LOL.

So I captioned some of my own, in the wedding scene~ =D – I’m also nicking the ship name, haha even if it’s OBVIOUS they’re not together. RukaEri (as in Scandinavian, Korean AE pronunciation), kinda sounds like Okaeri, non? And people were (are) swooning over Juri Ueno in her tux~~

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