Miyavi and Salyu are Here!!

June 5, 2008 — 2 Comments

LOL’ No, they are not in Lima, but I have just gotten my Yesasia order, which rocks my world!!! It was relatively fast, as it only took 11 days… when Amazon.com usually takes 2 weeks or a month! It didn’t use to be like that, Amazon.com used to be prompt in orders, sometimes getting my stuff in a couple of days, instead of a couple of weeks. Even worse, Amazon has increased its shipping cost……….. when Yesasia offers free international shipping~~~~ So if you’re buying Asian music or films, don’t hesitate and buy Yesasia!

Okay… online shopping rant over ~~~ OH MY GOD!!!!! Salyu’s albums are soooooooo awesome. The music is really really good, and it was impossible to me to find online. However, the awesomest album artwork! The few Asian albums I’ve bought in the past 4 years have all been nifty packaging, and this one is NO EXCEPTION! Word!

“landmark” contains a songbook that is not like your custom 8-pages stapled songbook, but like a flashcard one. There’s 12 squared-matte-prints in full color showcasing 12 different Salyu photographs, that I just love, and ALL the lyrics behind each.

Salyu - landmark

“Terminal” has a simpler songbook look, with a half-sized-12-pages songbook containing all the lyrics, and some artwork… doodles on crayon on top of photos, but not many photos of Salyu. This album comes in a digipak type of case, printed in nice thick matte paper with a great feel. INSTANT LOVE~~~

Salyu - Terminal

Miyavi’s albums are not as different as Salyu’s, but the songbook has great content… including great photographs, all lyrics, and a couple of extras! I mean, these albums have THICK printed stuff, unlike the skimpy stuff on western albums, LOL. You know, like those 4-pages-songbooks that only include song credits, a photo and the thanking of the musician. These Asian albums make you want to buy the CD.

Miyavi CDs

And to top it all of, Yesasia gave me a free toy, HA! When making my choice, I didn’t think much on it, but this toy turned out pretty cute. LOL.

Kaomoji Kun Kurukuru

2 responses to Miyavi and Salyu are Here!!

  1. Yay for Asian orders!!! I’m waiting for my stuff but is gonna take a while cus of course I have to order stuff that takes time to gather from different suppliers.

    Loca I haven’t seen u this inlove with an artist like since never!!! LOL

  2. LOL, it’s coz you missed my Celtic Woman phase. I still listen to them, but not as diligently as I used to. They still manage to top my “Most Listened” list on my iPod.

    Miyavi is not so good to practice my Japanese though, haha… He mumbles too much (the same with Last Alliance). Whenever I’m following the lyrics, turns out they’ve already skipped 4 characters.

    Salyu is much more chilling, and good for learning. Beginning to recognize more Kanji than before.

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