Last Friends – Prologue – 001

June 8, 2008 — 3 Comments

Apparently there’s a manga based on Fuji TV’s Last Friends, it’s set before the show… so I suggest watching the show before this. Anyway, ^Yuuki made some lovely scans (but I won’t post those because they are in Japanese), and suketeru (who also makes the subs for the show uploads, DOMO!) made a translation for it. I took the liberty to make some nice text inclusion, and some changes in phrasing. I think it looks pretty good, almost like it’s real. Take a look yourself!

Last Friends – Manga – 001 [1.5Mb] PDF

3 responses to Last Friends – Prologue – 001

  1. Looks pretty damn good!!!! Great work!!!

  2. Hey~ You can just leave me out of the scans provider part. But still, you’re using suketeru’s translations without her permission right? You should let her know first. I think you did a nice job with it so maybe you can approach her and see maybe you can help out with next chapter or something.

  3. hello ^_^ sorry for taking so long to write you. it’s been kind of hectic ^_^;;

    i only skimmed quickly thru the PDF and i think you did a pretty good job. it looks real good. i wish you’d have told me about this before using the translations though, since I had expressly said so in my post ne. that was meant also to avoid having several people working on the same thing ^_^

    anyway, a friend of mine had already offered to help out with the graphics before you contacted me, so…

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