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I’ve seen a better more fun Clap your Hands video. LOL

The Ting Tings is another group that I liked in… 2008? Their debut was one of my fun albums of that year, thought that’s worn out due to overexposure as well. Very much like Maroon 5, The Ting Tings’ suffered from That’s not my Name exposure… with a bit of Shut Up and Let me Go. But “not my name” was  everywhere, the duo was even included in the first few episodes of Japanese drama Sunao ni Narenakute (aka. Hard to Say I Love You) earlier this year. By that time, I was already fed up.

But here they are, preparing for a new album. And their YouTube Vevo page is not letting me stream their videos, so F U. I’m posting some other source. I’m tired of them not letting me stream content.

I promised myself I would keep up with music… at least the one I used to follow, but don’t have time for anymore. I used to be a huge Maroon 5 fan – along with a friend… thank you illegal downloads – before radios began overplaying them in 2005. I’m literally sick of She Will Be Loved and This Love.

And just so you know, I did get them through… I think it was Limewire or Kazaa that time. Circa 2002? Anyway, I liked them so much that I paid a John Mayer concert to see them open the show. LOL

Anyway, they’ve got a new album… and someone’s offered to review it, so it’s saving me the trouble! xD

So… Give a Little More sounds pretty much like your average funky catchy Maroon 5 song. The video is nice too, with warm hues and all. I thought the song was a bit slow at first, but luckily it picked up.

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We are nearly at the end of our list of 100 Songs of the Decade~~~

Some really great songs on this one, with loads of variety
with music of many genres and different languages.

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Best Albums of 2000-2009

December 23, 2009 — 7 Comments

Well, I’ve found it easier to narrow down the number of albums for this Top100 Albums of the Decade, than to narrow my list of songs to 100. LOL I have around 350 songs at the moment. This is gonna be difficult… and also in every possible language xD

Anyway, I’m sure that I had to take out some albums to include other albums. It was all a very difficult process to figure out what to include… going from “do I really have to take this song out?” to “OMG, I really love all these songs from this artist!!! Which one should I choose!- So please, bear with me, and comment what to add.

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, but need to share this. LOL’


Thank you, Nate… for poking my eyes on the voodoo dolls you’ve got stash away. Yes, we’ve done YAM. Please, help yourself to some YAM for Xmas over here

Hope you enjoy.