Quad Riot lyrics!

June 12, 2007 — 3 Comments

Thanks to Johnny Saunders, member of Quad Riot, I’ve got the lyrics to their song Johnny Negro… in case anyone needs them. You can buy the song through iTunes, or their Fandango link.

I will hopefully try to get the lyrics to Ctrl Alt Del soon. :P

Johnny Negro
I will try to fit, to fit, to fit,
but I don’t worry!
no, I don’t worry!
It’s a sense of shame
I wanna change my name
to the likes of a white man like Gary,
Steven, Jay or Harry!

It’s Johnny Negro and the Whitey Girl,
with curls
It’s Johnny Negro and the Whitey Girl,
you’re so foolish!

I would kill,
for straight hair to be run of the mill,
but they despise me,
look straight through me!
its’ a cruel cruel world with the insults hurled,
oh yeah oh yeah,
but she still likes me,
yeah she might even love me!


and you’re so,
and you’re so,
and you’re so

You gotta pick your self up,
you gotta pick your self up,
but you not outta luck
you could be a dark hero,
like Bobby DeNiro

so here he is…

it’s Johnny Negro! x3


3 responses to Quad Riot lyrics!

  1. Thank you so much for these lyrics, it was driving us nuts not knowing what the words to the chrous were.

  2. You’re very welcome! ^^

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