Be Still my Shipping Heart~ Shay-Cosima-Delphine

February 17, 2016 — 3 Comments

I finally took the time to catch up with all seasons of Orphan Black, which I had trouble sitting through during its first season… even though I think I might have actually sat through those 10 episodes on reruns without knowing they were 10 episodes. there’s a slump there somewhere between the first 3-4 eps, but once you go through that threshold, it’s a breeze worth the binge-watch. Season 2 flowed better as a viewing experience because half the first part rides on its S1 high and it sets itself for Season 3, which doesn’t glide as smoothly.

But feelings have been had. In terms of Sarah dealing with Beth in a near-death dream sequence that totally reminded me of the Buffy episode, Restless… which interestingly fits into Season 4 of that show where they also deal with the military and conspiracies xD

Feelings were also had because of that messy relationship between Cosima and Delphine, sidetracked by Shay. I haven’t had the fandom feels in so long… and it’s Cosima’s relationships because Sarah-Paul is so impersonal, and Cal -as good as he may be- has been mostly off-screen history. It’s Cosima and Delphine because I’m a sucker for that “I’ll give you up for you” thing, and Cosima with Shay because- man, Shay’s gotta be bad for Cosima’s heart. She seems soooooooooo damn good and caring, it’s gotta be setting up a heartbreak even though it would be “Delphine is your monitor 2.0” and it’s only been freaking 19min. of them together through the whole season.

And man is Ksenia Solo as Shay the type. Yup, there’s a type. Carly Pope meets Juno Temple. lol

3 responses to Be Still my Shipping Heart~ Shay-Cosima-Delphine

  1. the sight of Delphine makes me swoon pretty much every time (even though I’m straight) but I can see the pull of Shay. and in general, I say this all the time, but Cosima is so true to Berkeley type – for better and worse

    and interesting Buffy comparison!

    my favorite of the clones is Helena, followed by Alison and Sarah and Krystal, but Rachel is such a great “gray” villain

    • Oh yeah, Helena definitely wins you over. Ailson’s a little far removed from the whole storyline, so sometimes I wanted some of her time to be over… especially when Donnie was being more of an asshole. But Donnie and Helena, totally awesome. I think I might review the S3 for the site xP

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