The Polite Fight for the Bill~

July 6, 2016 — 4 Comments

I just finally finished catching up to Fresh Off the Boat, and though it seems like there were a lot of filler episodes, there were actually a lot of more meaningful moments too. Of course, Chinese New Year celebrations was a major thing, but I also enjoyed the episode of Lao Ban Santa, which focused on Evan’s loss of innocence… alongside the development of his OBVIOUS gambling problem. First the bunny he lost to grandma in poker, now his Pogs. And his totally Machiavellian plans in the Jessica Place Melrose Place spoof.

And Emery gets his own development too! Loved that he was so devastated to find out his parents’ definition of romance, how we got to see him dealing with his anger and frustration, and his best moment having to deal with puberty.

I think I may have to write a review. xD

Anyway~ this post is because my life is literally the “polite fight” every single time we go out for lunch or dinner with my aunties.

My mom has pulled off the “where’s the bathroom” move a few couple of times.


And you know when paying the check is not possible, your next move is to offer to “go someplace for dessert;” and if that’s out of the question, you’ll offer to pay for parking. If that also fails, your next line is “next one is on me.” Only next time, you get into the same polite fight.

On our trip to Japan, we had a day with our guide in Nara-Kyoto, so we went for lunch and my mother offered to pay for the guide’s lunch as well. I think she must’ve been quite surprised.

4 responses to The Polite Fight for the Bill~

  1. Great post. The “dessert” technique is a good one. Or you make the reservation with a note that the bill goes to you… Or you provide a credit card before you sit down… #billpaymentkungfu

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